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Hey Visionary!

Whether you own and run a business or you’re at the stage in your business where you’re ready to quantum leap into building a brand that influences generations …

Whoever you are.
One thing needs implementing …

You’re not here by chance. Even if you’re stalking or gathering information. You are here because your dream and vision is to influence generations. You want to not only be the change you want to see in the world you want others to see it in themselves too. And this my dear friend, isn’t because of a product and/or service but dependent on your life purpose. The reason you were put on this earth. Your profession is the tool you use to support you to live your purpose.

So your next step my friend? Is to find your life purpose and then apply it to your business.
Only then will your business and vision have a sense of direction, clarity, consistency and purpose.

  • 90-minute Breakthrough Strategy

  • 350 /excl. VAT
  • 90-minutes with the leading Brand and Business Strategist for Creative Visionaries … together with you, 1-1 to delve into a powerful session to a) get you out of your head and b) solve the problem at hand that will help you move forward in your business and gain momentum again. This session is scaled exclusively to you and your needs for your Business and Brand.

    Solutions offered for:
    – Branding
    – Brand strategy
    – Editorial Calendar
    – Social Media Strategy
    – Sales Strategy
    – Launch Campaign Strategy
    and more.

    BONUS: Get connected to prospective clients immediately.

    Grab your spot today.

  • Brand Building Retreat

  • 1.200 /excl. VAT
  • When you’re ready to quantum leap from a business-to-a-brand that influences generations, then this Brand Building Retreat is for you. Five days – One result: Know WHO you serve and WHY. This isn’t your usual blah-blah ‘target audience’ stuff – this is my own methodology that will give you the clarity as a Creative Visionary as you’ve never known before but ALWAYS desired!
  • Wonderland Visionary Hub

  • Apply /now
  • 15 Visionaries – your Soul Tribe. Individual attention and guidance from the leading business and brand strategist for Creative Visionaries over 12-months. Creating and Building your Business and Brand from your Soul and Life Purpose.

    No cookie-cutter templates. No mindset fluff. No usual thinking and strategies. Whatever you’ve experienced before, this space is where it all happens for you and your dreams. And there will be no stopping you. Because it’s time for you to RISE and LEAD the SHIP that you were born to LEAD.

  • Bespoke 6-week Branding Design

  • Apply /now
  • This includes my own methodology of Brand Your Soul® which works from the principle of finding your Life Purpose FIRST and then weaving that into your visual Branding that will surpass time and generations.

    What this will ensure: Customised and highly individual Messaging, Branding, Strategy, Business Success for your advertising and promotion to keep consistency and brand recognition and awareness.

    What you’re required to bring is DETERMINATION, AMBITION and BELIEF in YOU!


I would LOVE to speak at your event! Things I speak about:
Brand Leadership: Are you one? Can you become one? How do you become one?
Finding Your Why and why it’s your compass to clarity and consistency in Brand Leadership.
Who says you need to be like me to be a success?
Soul Brand Marketing® – Putting Purpose over Profit. Why would you do such a thing?

Or you have a particular topic you’d love to weave into your event and have me speak about it?

No problemo 


Each week I bring you an inspiring person or message to help you discover your UnderGod, turn up your leadership notches and challenge the status quo.  Because you’re FAST and FURIOUS with a powerful message to share with the world.

What is your message to the world?



Your purpose isn’t your career, talents, gifts. It’s a place of service that is independent of any ‘money-earning’ position. It’s the ONE thing that moves you beyond measure and that is EXCLUSIVE to you, and you only.
It’s not that difficult to find it either.
Buy the book – an easy-read, fun and practical – to finding (and remembering) your Life Purpose, to give your life (and business) direction and clarity.


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