For Creative Visionary Entrepreneurs who want to grow their Unknown business into an Unforgettable BRAND.

Welcome to your WONDERLAND


A space where Visionaries discover that you don’t need to build a brand based on ONE thing but combine ALL of you into your profitable brand!

We kick off on 13th January 2020 with monthly and weekly live calls, community trainings and one-on-one’s.

Set Your Business Growth on Fire 🔥 

You’ve attempted the cookie cutter 6 figure blueprints along with the mindset work long enough now. Now it’s time that WONDERLAND helps you discover your unique soul client journey… so you can create your own strategy for it. The result? Quantum Leaps in your business for a Brand that’ll influence generations.

Stand Out Online

Attract your brand community with not only Unforgettable Visual Branding that’s aligned to Your Life Purpose and Soul but also speak your community’s language with ease.

Get Crystal Clear Focus

Stand steadfast in your life purpose with consistent messaging and marketing giving you laser focus

Increase Your Reach

Get your message in front of more and more of your soul clients never missing a beat and building your community naturally with ease.

Launch with Confidence 

Step by Step Strategy & guidance to launch your offerings with confidence instead of second guessing yourself

Improve Your ROI

Find out where you’re losing potential clients and get a plan to engage and build relationships with them through email marketing, automation & community

Optimize Your Results 

Get expert insight into your brand marketing strategy – so you can do more of the stuff that’s working – and less of what’s not

Never Feel Alone 

Accountability & Support so you never put your marketing on the back-burner, bounce your millions of visionary ideas off people whose minds work just like yours

One Brand – Many Businesses

Use all your skills and talents in your business under ONE Brand. No niching down on your strengths but expanding on them

The CRAZIER your ideas the better!

Wonderland is a high-level experience for 20 Creative Visionaries in the Lifestyle Market, where you’ll get one-on-one training time with a Strategist who has THREE DECADES of successful International
Marketing | Branding | Advertising & Sales experience that’ll BLOW YOUR MIND! As well as a community that understand crazy ideas that create new worlds.

I’ll guide you through everything that I know and have used to succeed as a Thought Leader in Brand Marketing – as a Visionary – Rebel – Free-spirit and Misfit.


That would be YOU.


As a Creative Visionary, you’re just sick and tired of fitting into templates. This ‘thing’ inside of you needs to escape. YOU need to escape and finally start living your true purpose. You want to live a life and business with ease, joy, contentment. You want to know that you never ever have to hide your true-you in a closet ever again but rather be recognised and acclaimed as the Thought Leader you were born to be.
Hell yes!
More than ever!

Discover just how you can be the movement of change. Join the Hub today.


Who is this not for?

➢ Souls who don’t believe that their thoughts create their realities.
➢ Business owners who don’t want to stand out from the crowd and are happy where they are.
➢ Business owners who aren’t ready to fully show up to every session with the intent to execute what they learn
➢ Victims who blame everyone for their failures and aren’t prepared to take responsibility for their success

➢ Logical, rational thinkers (predominantly)

➢ Proactive problem-finders

➢ Scardey-cats

In Wonderland we are going to:

➢ Turn your same-same business into a one-of-a-kind business that is indescribably YOU
➢ Take you from No Name to Brand Leadership
➢ Address broken mindset loops that keep most business owners small
➢ Show up and put your BIG Vision and LIFE PURPOSE into ACTION – no more excuses – YOU are the Master of your ship
➢ Create a change that lasts and gives you the tools to handle anything and everything that comes your way long after we’re done in 12 months
➢ Use 70% PSYCHOLOGY 20% ENERGY-woo and 10% powerful business strategy to make life and business-changing shifts that your business and life have been DREAMING of


I’m Sashka Hanna-Rappl. Actress-Singer-Dancer turned Branding Marketing Advertising and Sales Strategist.

Author, Writer, Thought Leader, International Speaker, Founder of Brand Your Soul®, Soul Brand Marketing® and BrandSashka.

My Purpose?
To raise Leaders who are hiding with underdog mentality believing for some weird reason that they're not 'enough' to be a Brand Leader.

My Promise?
To always build your brand from YOUR soul and no-one else's. And take you from no-name to Brand Authority.

My Vision?
To help Soul Leaders find their Life Purpose and once they do put it into ACTION to achieve infinite results in this and the next lifetimes.

I’m passionate about working with Visionaries – Rebels – Free-Spirits and Misfits who challenge the status quo and crave knowledge and wisdom.
Soul Leaders are both men and women and a passion of mine working with teenagers who seek their leadership role but don’t know how to find and implement it.
I work with you from the inside-out.And I ensure that you are held accountable for your dreams – desires and life purpose.
You were born an original and there’s absolutely NO reason for you to die a copy. 
I have worked with on- and offline businesses in all areas and who have always sought Purpose over Profession – leaving them feeling bored – stuck and no direction in their lives. By using my signature system Brand Your Soul and Soul Brand Marketing everything turns around and there is meaning and purpose to what you’re doing.
You’re not just ‚one-of-the-crowd’ any longer, you’re a magnet-attracting purpose-fulfiller.
I help you to see the BIGGER vision and to make it happen without any fear or apprehension or overwhelm.
This is one of my strongest vices: Chunking down the overwhelm and creating bite-sized bits to help you move forward into your Life Purpose with confidence-clarity-grace-ease and vision.
What I'm NOT:
* A Mindset Coach: Although I have all the qualifications from NLP to Psychology, I do not have the patience to be a life coach and take my hat off to those who can do this. But this just isn't my "thing".
* An answer to your prayers: Oooh the pressure! With a tendency to be a bit of an over-achiever (I'm being mild here), and in love with my ego (yes, she's pretty awesome). I'll leave the answer (or living) on a prayer to my friend Bon Jovi and I'll stick to just being your Leadership Accelerator!
* A mother-figure: No thanks! I have three kids, a partner, a dog and slave to one cat. My hands are full. But I will take being your kick-up-the-butt to finally getting on your feet and things done.
* Your tech-friend: I may be brilliant at all the techy-stuff, but I don't sell my expertise in this - there are other folks specialising in this. Me? I'll stick to what I'm exceptional at.

What I AM?
Fooooking phenomenal at building brands that take you from no-name to brand leadership and influence generations. 
Working with high-calibre brands such as Swarovski, Harrods and even 'smaller' 'no-name' high-calibre brands, and making sense of all their creative visions and ideas and translating it to their soul group and clients so that they are finally being understood AND being profitable, is my super-talent.
I work at lightning speed. All my ideas are directed just at you. Because I'm a psycho(logist), I get you, your emotions, your personality and your empathy and high-sensitivity. So I know what tools, methods and "stuff" fits to YOU and your soul brand. I don't sell you what's not going to make your heart sing.


I never expected this! It’s so different to what everyone else is doing.

I LOVE the sound of WONDERLAND and want it ALL!

PS. Is it affordable?

Yes it is!
This is a 12-month commitment (hooray! finally the accountability your crazy-butt-ideas-business needs!) and there are two options with monthly payments. 




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