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Why don’t I get any traffic to my blog posts? Part Four

Why don’t I get any traffic to my blog posts? Part Four

Because your headline is weak, feeble and hiding with shame.

Yup, that’s it in a nutshell. The good news is I’ve never written a five-word blog post in my life, so I’m going to explain in a bit more detail why you’re not getting any traffic and how to create better headlines.  Got your glass of wine ready? Too early for a glass of wine? It won’t be after you’ve read this post.

If you’ve not read the first three posts in this series I suggest you bookmark this post, and go and back read them

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All caught up? Excellent.

Headlines Are So Fricking Important People Are Paid on Their Ability to Create Them

Headlines motivate people to click your content and come to your site. Without a good headline you’re either offering free sex and getting incredible referral traffic (lots of other people talking about you and sending you readers), or, you’re paying a small fortune out for paid traffic.

Back in the olden days, when people had a phone the size of a house brick, newspapers employed copy editors to write superb headlines. Why? Because headlines sell newspapers. Nowadays the phones fit into the palm of your hands, and journalists write their own headlines. They still have to sell papers and they have the added bonus of now having to market their content.

Can you imagine having to do all of that writing (for someone else), creating an amazing headline (for someone else) and then market that piece (so someone else can make money) and you’re paid the pittance that a journalist receives for a newspaper you might not like. Ouch. Their ability to create great headlines just adds to the pressure of their job. Ouch again.

The good news is you can have all the plus points without the downsides.

You start with headlines

You’ve written your blog post, go back and see if the headline is strong enough to carry it. If it’s not, you need to give it a boost. Power Words are a great place to start.

And they’re words like:

  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary

Choose one of the four power words above and add it to your headline. How does it sound now?

Look at my headline for this post – Why Don’t I Get Any Traffic To My Blog Posts? It’s a little lame, but it’s a question and a question for your headline is the best option when you have zero time to think about a headline.

Let’s power it up a bit…

Why Don’t I Get Any Traffic To My Blog Posts? Becomes “The Amazing Way To Get Traffic To Your Blog Posts!”. That’s pretty good, and I’d get a lot of clicks on that link via Twitter.
What about Sensational? The Sensational Way To Get More Readers on Your Blog Posts. Not sure I like that one, let’s play with it a little more. Do you have to write sensational headlines to get more blog traffic? I like that one better. Evokes some curiosity.  If I want to get more readers to that post I might change blog to website. If you’re really smart, and I know you are, you can split test your headlines. If you’d like to know how to do that just leave a little comment below and I’ll share this little known industry secret with you.

And I’ve still got remarkable and revolutionary to add to my headline J.  You can see how a power word changes the headline and gives it more juice to attract your ideal readers. If you’re into attracting misfitpreneurs then you’ll be using revolutionary in your headlines to attract those rebels into your tribe. When you know whom you’re looking to attract, the words that you choose to use will captivate them. When you use the words in your headlines you’ll get more traffic and increase your conversions.

This is where the wine comes in…

Your website isn’t carved in stone… You can go back and add in power words to every single headline that you have! You can give your website a lift by just adjusting this one thing! You can turn it into a traffic sucking machine!

Now, next week we’re going to come back and look at your images and how they can be combined with your headlines to turn your website into a marketing powerhouse. If you haven’t subscribed already… now would be a good time to do so.
P.S. When we meet in the Alps in September we’ll go through headlines and powering them up. You’ll be able to pick my brains and you’ll leave this workshop feeling energised and know exactly what you need to do to get more traffic. You’ll add me to your Christmas list, and call your first born grandbaby “Sarah” in my honour. Sound a bit much? Try using the power words and see what happens. You’re welcome.


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