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Why Blogging Matters For A Business Part One

Why Blogging Matters For A Business Part One

How does writing a blog post change a life?

On its own it doesn’t.

As part of your marketing strategy, not only does blogging transform your reader’s lives it builds a connection with you and kickstarts the road to your mutual success.

Shall I tell you more?

Get a glass of wine, maybe a biscuit to nibble on and I shall tell you a story of a housewife with three kids.

The housewife was a reluctant one, she had three kids and a mind that just refused to enjoy the Teletubbies, mopping up vomit and wiping bottoms clean. Pretty much a typical housewife, yes? Okay, one day the husband opened the patio doors with such force it seemed like the house shook… And the poor housewife was about to be told something that would change her life forever.

“If we don’t get more clients we will be out of business in 6 weeks”.

There was a bolt of lightning, and a huge thunderclap… Okay, there wasn’t. But it felt like there should’ve been one.

“Get on that computer and find some clients. You’ve worked in business, in recruitment, you know what to do” he said and the housewife, rather dumbstruck sat and nodded.

She wished she had made an effort to get on with the Teletubbies now! That seemed so much more preferable than finding customers for a business she didn’t know very much about.

So that evening when the little ones were abed, she jumped on the computer and typed in “How to get new clients”. 45 minutes later, she was none the wiser, and was now reverently wishing she had a dirty bottom to wipe clean instead of doing this. At this point, she decided to procrastinate. This is also known as checking your emails.

In  her emails was an invitation to set up a blog. A blog was a client attracting magnet! All you had to do was fill out your details and add your website and you could start blogging right away!

So she did this.

At this point she had no idea what a blog was, or how to do it. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. There was probably another lightning bolt and a large amount of thunder, but she was so engrossed in setting up her blog that she didn’t see or hear it.

After the blog was set up, the housewife had to write a blog post. The site’s instruction told her 50 words and to publish those 50 words 3 times a week.

So she painstakingly typed 50 words. They took 3 hours to write. Yes, 3 hours. She could’ve done the laundry in that time, or watched an episode of Jeremy Kyle (it was the post-pregnancy hormones, honest). But, she wanted to show something to her husband, something that would lift his spirits. So she found 50 words about the business and published them.

She did this 3 times a week as instructed.

And the phone started to ring with clients wanting to book their services.

A miracle! A miracle? Actually, it was the technology working for the business and indeed a miracle.

You see search engines are used by people who are looking for something to buy. This means if you blog effectively you can reach the people looking for what you sell. Yes, this means they come to you instead of you hustling hard to find them and convince them.

The business was saved within 6 weeks. Sadly, the housewife was lost forever. She became a professional blogger and unpicked how it all worked, and why it worked and now she makes a living teaching others how to do the work once.

She calls herself the laziest marketer in the world, because she writes content that attracts people to her. She doesn’t chase them, she just shines her magnificent light and her clients are attracted to it. Over the years her light has attracted Forbes, they’ve listed one of her websites as number 5 in the top 100 websites for women. They did it three times in total. Along with MSN, the Guardian and other sites. She started to become well known internationally for being a fantastic content marketer, and then she started to get recognised when she was out and about.

Today she’s perhaps best known for training thousands of bloggers each year for free, with her 30 day blogging challenge. The former housewife promises that you’ll have a black belt in blogging in 30 days. She also promises you’ll get a great writing muscle grow, and you’ll start attracting clients.

Does all this sound too good to be true?

I’m with you there. What if you can’t write, how can you blog then? Well the former housewife wasn’t a good writer, She wasn’t born with a pen in her hand (She’s sure her mother would’ve mentioned it by now if she had). She discovered that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it. Over the years her content has attracted people like Martha Stewart and Tony Robbins, it’s enabled her to have lunch with Guy Kawasaki and interview some incredible people. She still can’t write, but she can string a sentence together that would make Dickens die from envy.

She won’t pretend it’s easy, but it’s a lot easier than creating updates for FB groups and yammering all day long on Twitter.  It does get easier. When you know what all the moving parts do, and why you need to do them it means you can blog quickly and easily.

In fact, this blog post only took her 45 minutes, and that included wandering downstairs halfway through it to feed the cats.

I know, because in this post I’m sharing with you my own story. Over the next few weeks I’m going to share with you how to become a blogger, because the alternative is to hustle really hard. Now, there’s nothing wrong with hard work, we were born to work. We also need to have time to sip our wine, watch an episode of The Good Wife, debate whether Suits has gone down hill and pick our kids up from school. We need time to do all of the important things in our life, and blogging facilitates this.

When you blog for business, you will attract all kinds of people into your business. You will discover what inspired living truly is and you will wonder why you didn’t find me sooner…


P.S. Stay tuned for the next instalment of [thrive_2step id=’22488′]“Doing the work only once as life is too short” by subscribing here[/thrive_2step]. We will cover what to write about in order to start someone on the journey to making a connection with you.


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  • Carrie Eddins

    Reply December 8, 2016 11:23 pm

    Brilliant post Sarah, I love how you as usual share your story and the nugget in a way that so relatable and at the same time inspiring! Love Carriex

  • Nox

    Reply April 27, 2017 7:21 am

    What a stunning post and story, Sarah!
    I can relate to so much of it – reluctant housewife, Teletubbies, and (sadly) Jeremy Kyle ?
    My husband is in the process of getting his business off the ground, and I’ve been trying to help with the blog creation. I’m excited to try your 30 day challenge!

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