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How To Whip Up A Delicious Brand With Consistency in 5 Minutes

How To Whip Up A Delicious Brand With Consistency in 5 Minutes


You’re super frustrated! A few days ago, you were surfing the web and came across a really cool product for your phone. And now you cannot remember where you saw it and what it was called.

Does this sound familiar? Stumbling on something whilst surfing the web and then not remembering what the name was later?

It’s not an uncommon happening. We spend so much time surfing the web that it’s normal for us to not remember every single thing we saw.

But, if you own your own business. This is something that’s considered your worst nightmare.


Because you spend not only time and money on creating your brand but also advertising it, and you want it to be found by your customers. To build brand loyalty and sell your product / service.

Obviously, the big brands: Apple, Nike, Red Bull & Co. have a monetary advantage. This is true. BUT: these companies also started out small and grew their brand to the level of Titans it is today. And mainly due to Brand Consistency.

Hold up! What’s Brand Consistency?

It’s when both your messaging and visual branding is clearly and consistently applied across all communication channels.

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Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners(1)?

That means, your customers “remember” you through visuals + emotion.

Pretty easy right?

Unfortunately, so many budding branders get this one wrong and just post a plentitude of different photo’s, quotes, visuals and more, thinking that their client will remember them.

By communicating with different messages and visuals, your customer receives mixed information. Resulting, in your brand not being remembered.

Brand recognition is achieved through brand repetition but in such a way that the customer is pleased to see your brand.

Below is a BrandSashka Tip on how to use your visuals and messaging more attuned with your brand consistency:

If you see quotes that appeal to you and your brand. Note them. Then find a photo/video or visual that best fits your brand personality. Put the visual together using your font family, including your logo and then only post on social media.

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Below you’ll find a short 7 minute video that I’ve put together for you, that explains the use of your profile picture, cover photo within social media platforms such as Facebook.

It’s a short video but jam-packed…Enjoy!

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