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Veteran To Building Your Brand Leadership?

Well hey there Visionary!

So you’re here ’cause you’re a veteran to Branding and Marketing.
You pretty much know your way around most marketing terminology.
You may have written a book.
You have a website.
You have a Facebook or LinkedIn Group.
You write blog and guest blog posts.
You work on your SEO, do your Facebook Lives.
You’ve dabbled in Facebook Advertising and have set up a sales funnel (or three).
Heck! You may even have your Branding done and dusted.

And yet, it just ain’t working.

The money’s not rolling in.
Your products and/or services aren’t selling.
You’re not speaking on stages as you desire.
And your product and/or service launches are just meh.

Why? Why? Why?

sashka hanna-rappl

I could rattle off a whole lotta stuff here right now.
But I want to ensure that I use your time effectively, so I’m going to get straight to the point.
Instead of sending you off to opt-in somewhere, I would love for us to have this conversation here …

Please answer me these 3 questions:

What do you want to be known for?

Is the brand and business you’re building built around what you want to be known for?

What do you do? Why do you do it? And for whom are you doing it?

Here an example of my answers:
1. What do I want to be known for? Showing Creative Visionaries how to build their brand on their Life Purpose as opposed to their vocation and limiting their potential to just ‘ONE’ thing. Re-empowering Underdogs to step into their Visionary Leadership to take them from No Name to (Brand) Leadership using their creativity, imagination, wisdom and passion.

2. Is the brand and business I’m building built around what I want to be known for? Yes. My Mission is to accompany you through your fuck-up‘s towards your victories. Replace your overwhelm with clarity and consistency. And teach your Underdog, Visionary Leadership. The tools I use to assist you with this is NLP/Psychology, Brand Your Soul® (building your brand from the inside-out rather than focusing on your product and/or service first), Soul Brand Marketing® (centred around your Life Purpose), Brand Management, Websites, Facebook Ad and Strategy Management, Workshops, Events and Speaking.

3. What do I do? I Brand Your Soul® using Soul Brand Marketing® to take you from No Name to Brand Leadership.
Why do I do it? It’s my Life Purpose.
For who am I doing it? For Underdogs who are Visionary Leaders who have always been told they can’t. Highly sensitive empaths who were told they’re too much and shouldn’t be so OTT. And creatives who cannot focus without overwhelm.

What does this have to do with why you’re not earning money, feeling stagnant and meh?

When I start working with my soul clients, everything’s hunkey-dorey ‘on the outside’.
But when I ask these questions above, things go quiet and my clients start thinking.
You see, I like to challenge your status quo.
Because Visionaries KNOW a LOT, but what we tend to do is not implement it.
And almost all their marketing and advertising is centred around their product and/or service.


The selling of it, the copywriting, the marketing and communications. All efforts are centred around their product and/or service.

But where are YOU in the whole picture?
Where are YOU in the brand, branding and marketing?
Because people buy from people.

You see, too often it’s not the marketing and branding per se that’s not working, but rather all the efforts are empty. There’s no SOUL in it. Which is why I asked those three questions in the beginning because that contains YOU and your SOUL. And when you weave all-of-that into your marketing, advertising and endeavours, the result is PHENOMENAL.

And by phenomenal I mean: You speak effortlessly to your soul clients. Your sales happen with ease and grace – less DOING and more BEING. Your Branding is so spot-on that it brings you so much JOY to communicate it in soul funnels that get you all fired-up and excited.

And the most important: You remember to BELIEVE in you. Because if you don’t believe in you, who will?

I don’t have any freebies or lead magnets for you.
What I do have are two blog articles below, which I feel may be worth your while today.

In addition, should you not have been able to have answered the THREE questions above, I invite you to purchase my book Soul’d Out: Your Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose, which will help you nail those questions.
And when you send me your proof of purchase, I can send you the 50-page Workbook that accompanies the book.

Buy The Book Here!

It starts with an idea. You pucker up some courage, register your business, get yourself a few business cards, maybe you’ll even splash out on a new website and branding all focused on your product and/or service and then off you go … you have a business.

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JOIN me in going through a few client examples of things that soul entrepreneurs are undertaking in their conventional marketing journey and how Soul Brand Marketing® can be applied.

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Some of BrandSashka’s work

Should you love and like my style, my work and how I challenge your status quo, then I lovingly invite you to get in contact with me to set up a chat and how we can turn your meh into Brand Leadership.

Below are some testimonials from my incredible soul clients as well as the work I’ve done for them.
But what’s usually missing with these testimonials is how much I’ve learned from THEM!

Get In Touch With Me Here!


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