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A guide for Brand Identity Guidelines. It reminds me of the eternal question, “What came first… the chicken or the egg?” Whether the egg needed a chicken first, or the chicken appeared from the egg; it’s enough to make your neck spin while your shaking head is erupting.

Fortunately, you need only a guideline. And to develop it, you need a guide.

Now that you know why you should Never Underestimate Brand Identity Guidelines, only one thing remains for us to do. That is to solve your problem.

Let’s do it!

Your Brand Guidelines can answer to a gazillion questions about your Brand Identity. But if you keep in mind the mandatory parts that need to be included, your manual will take the exact form that both your employees and consumers need.

What Should The Brand Identity Guidelines Contain?

For your manual to inspire your consumers’ confidence and trust, to save your employees’ time and effort and to accurately deliver your brand message, there are several issues that you must address.

  1. What exactly your business is about.
  2. What problems your consumers have that you need to solve.
  3. What your brand essence is. What values, promises, image, and message it has.
  4. What your logo expresses.
  5. What colors, fonts, positions, size and imagery you use in your branded communications.
  6. What voice, tone and copywriting style you use in branded communications.
  7. What the unique story is behind your business name.
  8. Who the decision makers are and what rules they should follow.
  9. What trademarks and intellectual property you own.
  10. Who your ideal customer is.
  11. What the main message is that you address your customers with.
  12. What brochure guidelines you use. Any available social media guidelines.
  13. What resources you offer for further information.
  14. What your contact details are. What your online presence is.
  15. What your marketing and sales strategies consist of.
Through a simple Google search, you can find several examples of Brand Identity Guidelines

The range starts with a few pages, but there are some other extremely detailed ones. Depending on your needs, you will use your creativity accordingly.

The best that you can do is to offer tons of information, meaning your guide should have comprehensive content. And… that is all for today.

That was pretty easy, right?

Hold on! Only one thing remains.

At least as much as I am obsessed with brand-ING your soul, there is one aspect you should be obsessed with.


Design and format your brand identity guidelines to match your soul. Everything should match. In fact, pour your heart into it and be sure that your consumers will feel it. And when they feel it, your manual becomes a real success!

Now… did you enjoy this blog post? If so, let me know!

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