Identify your Soul Client from a distance

Write copy specifically targeted to your Soul Clients

Be crystal clear on which products and/or services your Soul Clients WANT



If you’re new to the whole Soul Client, Audience and Market terminology, I’ll be giving you a quick but extensive run-down. I’ll also show you how this all ties in with the Brand Marketing Roadmap & Checklist.


What is a Soul Client? Why is it different to a “Target Audience”? How do I know or recognize my Soul Client in a crowded room?


How does your Soul Client “tick”? What are their buying preferences? How do they make a buying decision?


How am I to market to my Soul Client once I know who they are? How do I ensure not to fall into my old habits of selling? What type of communication should I use for my Soul Clients?

I want to help you IDENTIFY, UNDERSTAND and MARKET to your SOUL CLIENT. Easy-as-that.
P.S. This has nothing to do with working out Demo-and Psychographics or setting up Avatars, that most teach … I like to do things a little different to the “norm”.

A rock-solid formula and resources designed to help you finally know your Soul Client.

Avoid selling to a crowd of crickets and start focusing on your Soul Client, who’s waiting for you on the other side.



A Brand Communications & Media Agency with the sole aim to get Innovative Game-Changers seen and heard. Because big dreams require a team that does strategy and marketing beyond the obvious. 

I’m an edutainer, University lecturer, author and speaker, serving innovative game-changers (or better known as creative visionaries) in the lifestyle market, who want to go from no-name to brand leadership with clear, focused and purpose-led marketing and strategies.

My signature approach is to Brand Your Soul® using Soul Brand Marketing®. My methods are creative, wise, humorous and imaginative.

I’m the author of Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, which also includes a 50-page workbook, written to discover what your life purpose is and how to integrate it into your vocation.

Trained as an actress, dancer, singer, consumer behaviourist, marketer and advertiser, I’ve empowered hundreds of clients, students, children and event attendees, to show that their life purpose is what steers their brand and business, not their profession or products and/or services that are sold. 

I’ve been featured on Forbes, Buzzfeed, Natural Born Coaches, Trafeze, Steven Aitchison, various virtual on-and offline summits and more. 

Born and raised in South Africa, once residing in London (UK), I now live in the Tyrolean Alps with my three children.


Sashka gives you clear direction and vision for your business

I hired BrandSashka to help me find my businesses identity...its soul. I am very passionate about what I do and how I want it to feel but, I was never able to give it the sense of clarity that I was searching for.  Since working with Sashka, we now have an amazing new logo and a clear vision and direction. I was not sure what to expect but, I had a really great feeling from our first conversation and I knew I could trust her with my brand.  The process was easy, your body and soul know what you're looking for and Sashka knows how to put all the pieces together.  I am absolutely grateful for the experience and ability to work with Sashka and her team. 

- Melanie Schuler, Founder of Body-Love-Fitness-Zürich

Sashka is truly as magical as her brand shows. Working with Sashka was natural, fluid and powerful. We got right to the core of what I wanted to communicate with my brand and BOOM she nailed it. Not only was it magical but also super professional, efficient and the result is phenomenal! Thank you Sashka!!!

- Radiah Rhodes, Founder

I am super happy with my Facebook campaign and how you went about it. Love your precision and CARE, so very difficult to find nowadays! Your work is worth every penny.

- Lenka Lutonska, Founder of Advantage Woman

I connected with Sashka through FB and watched one of her video masterclasses on finding you alter ego. Immediately my inner critic came up so I reached out to Sashka and she intuitively understood me and the root of my problem straight away (it was a limiting belief). She then did a timeline therapy session on me and OH WOW. It was really amazing, to so easily and effortlessly get to the root causes of my sadness, anger and other emotions. She gently led me through the session where I was able to release these emotions and I felt lighter and lighter as the session went on. A few weeks on and I am feeling very in my power and not taking any sh*t no more. Feels sooo liberating for someone who has been a people pleaser in the past. I love you Sashka - your intuition and branding knowledge are totally unique. xxxx

- Kelly Morgan, Founder of Kelly Morgan Coaching

Sashka has a gift and I experienced it

I was going through a time of feeling uncertain, feeling like something needed to shift but I wasn't sure what, feeling bound and tied to something that needed to be released. I didn't know anything about timeline therapy other than it was an off shoot of NLP (and I didn't know much about that either), but when you offered a session to me, I knew I had to accept (especially because I so value you!). The whole experience was amazing! I felt totally guided and supported. You clearly explained each stage and your desire to help me literally shone through! Life changing seems like such an over-used phrase to use, but it really was for me. The grip of those emotions and events were released immediately. I instantly felt lighter, more at ease, having more energy, I couldn't stop smiling! I was in shock at how quickly events from years ago could be released without having to delve into it all. It was like the ultimate refreshment for my soul. The ripples of those changes are still being felt. My whole approach to life is different. I don't feel bound by fear and guilt anymore. It's not to say that I don't experience those emotions, but they don't hold me captive, they don't dictate the way forward any more. And knowing I have reclaimed that power for myself is incredible. Honestly, words don't even begin to convey just how powerful that session was for me and what it has led to, and how I am thankful from the depths of my being for you offering it to me, in such an amazing way. You are a truly gifted soul Sashka and I am deeply honoured to have met you. What you have given me, will last a lifetime <3 xxx

- Debbie Thorpe, Mind Body Coach. Award-winning Spa

Sashka has a gift of seeing your Soul and branding it

Sashka is the real deal. She not only identifies what isn't working, she zones in on how it could work beautifully. She then takes all the worry and concern out of your hands, and puts together a plan of action that is focused upon you and your brand needs. The most obvious thing about Sashka's work is that she gets the individuals, she knows exactly what you haven't quite lasered in on yet, and she finds a way to express this through your branding, marketing and communications with your tribe. Your tribe are looking for you and Sashka makes it easy as ABC for them to find, utilise and benefit from your services/niche. I couldn't have navigated this crazy complex world of business without her and she remains my go to person on just about everything.

- Sheelagh Maria, Founder and Owner of Sheelagh Maria

Sashka is one of the few professionals in Branding that offers the entire package: strategy, design, video, copywriting - all-in-one out-of-the-box thinker. She can do what few other Marketing pros can: Make sure it looks good and converts while keeping the brand real, authentic and unique.

- David Vox, Owner and Founder of David Vox - Step Into Your Legacy

Sashka looks past the outer and only to the Soul

Sashka got my attention when she looked past my appearance and straight to my soul. She encourages you to keep going, keep moving forward and achieving your dreams. Her knowledge is plentiful and very helpful. She always has an answer to my questions, that are easy to follow and put into action.

- Save Tee Erasmus, Owner and Founder of Lionheart Fitness


The chance to finally meet your Soul Client – the Soul who’s waiting for your products and/or services today.


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