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The Performing Strategist For Visionaries.

Award-Winning for her performance and strategies

Entertaining education around Brand Marketing and Life Purpose

Expertise is life purpose, direction, clarity for brand building and Branding Speaker

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Leading Business and Brand Strategist for Creative Visionaries


How Profession Limits your Purpose

Building Brands That Influence Generations

Leadership and Innovation

Busting Glass Ceilings for Creative Visionaries

Who is Sashka Regina?

She is the leading International Brand and Business Strategist for Creative Visionaries. She’s an edutainer, author and speaker, serving creative visionaries in the lifestyle market, who want to go from no-name to brand leadership without selling their soul but leading with it.

Her signature approach is to Brand Your Soul® using Soul Brand Marketing®. Her methods are creative, wise, humorous and imaginative, to help creative visionary entrepreneurs create and market their unforgettable brand that is tailored to the entrepreneur rather than the profession. And to be understood in a crowded market.

Sashka is the author of Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, which also includes a 50-page workbook, written for creative visionaries who want to find their life purpose and apply it to their vocation. 

Trained as an actress, dancer, singer, consumer behaviourist, marketer and advertiser, she’s empowered hundreds of clients, students, children and event attendees, to see that their life purpose is what steers their brand and gives it soul and the brand leadership entrepreneurs desire. 

She’s been featured on Forbes, Buzzfeed, Natural Born Coaches, Trafeze, Steven Aitchison, various virtual on-and offline summits and more. 

Born and raised in South Africa, residing in London (UK), she now lives in the Tyrolean Alps with her three children.


Why are my presentations of interest or relevance?

Companies who thrive on creativity and trends often hit plateaus, resulting in your business and/or departments suffering from ‘same-ness’: same market, same work, same strategy and same results.

Einstein says it best (apparently): “You cannot get different results with the same ways”

It’s not always a shift in mindset and behaviours.

It takes a Creative Visionary to understand the thought patterns and psychology of a Visionary to best communicate and draw out of them the solutions needed to move forward.

I have worked in various professions around the world and mastered the art of consumer behaviour, mediation, spirituality and most of all challenging the status quo – which is my speciality to get creative results that are buried beneath the ‘same-ness’ in every company culture.

My researched content is unlike any other speakers and gives managers and leaders real tools for real creative change.

How would I describe my delivery style as a speaker?

A mixture of strategy, philosophy, psychology, pure entertainment, workshop-style, engagement and innovative. Some refer to Sashka’s talks as a one woman ‘show’.

What are Sashka’s talks about?

Sashka’s talks are about answering the question we all ask ourselves at some stage in our lives “Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I even here on earth?”

It’s assisting Visionaries, Ideators, Growth Hackers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, and Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in finding that individual path that is specially designated to ‘their’ uniqueness. This will 100% assist in knowing the foundation to:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know your audience
  3. Know what Professions (direction) you want to be move-in
  4. Know what products and/or services to sell to your audience
  5. Know how to sell
  6. Know how to build a community (all the other tools align with all of the above eg: website, content marketing, SEO, branding, presentation, speaking etc)
  7. BELIEVE in yourself and what you’re here to do to bring the human race forward

Discovering your life purpose is a journey that Sashka took from a young age of 12 years old. Although she always asked the questions, she never got a straight answer other than “Find your passion and you’ll find your purpose!” or “Find what you want to do with the rest of your life and do that!”. 

It wasn’t until she realised that she had many passions and wanted to do MANY things and the above advice didn’t get her any further in her journey. She was passionate about relieving her bladder when it was full or enjoying a glass (or bottle) of wine with good company or dancing like nobody is watching. These weren’t ‘things’ she was interested in ‘working’ in or doing the rest of her life although they ALL interested her and were passions. 

Being the rather deep philosophist and never satisfied with the simple answers she hears daily, she knew that there was MORE to her questions than just being told to find her passions. 

And so her journey led her to create a methodology – Visionary Marketing®. Which assists Visionaries, Innovators, Ideators, and curious minds to discover your life purpose. And when you work deeper with Sashka one-on-one, your life purpose reveals to you not only your life purpose but also WHO you’re to serve, WHY and with WHAT.

Her Methodology transformed the complicated world of business and brand building by rejecting the cookie-template that was offered for everyone towards creating bespoke brands and businesses rooted in one’s life purpose (not to be confused with one’s profession which is widely spread as a definition of one’s purpose).

She touches on her findings in her fun and enlightening book Soul’d Out: Your Guide To Discovering Your Life Purpose.

Sashka’s talks are specifically aimed at Creative Visionary Entrepreneurs and Professionals in the Lifestyle Market (Ideators, Growth Hackers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, Innovators and more) who are looking to go deeper than conventional marketing and business and into a space of creating strategies, marketing campaigns and processes that are heart-centred, have a deeper meaning and build communities of purpose. 

Her international event Visionary On Fire is for Entrepreneurs and Professionals just starting out in business and/or looking to find the missing link to their somewhat struggling business around Creativity, Leadership and Purpose.

She works with closely with dedicated entrepreneurs over 6- or 12-months in the Wonderland Business Visionary Hub to assist entrepreneurs who are ready to move from being defined by their profession to a space of creating a business and brand that is ready to bring the human race forward through innovation, signature methodologies and life purpose.

Sashka’s intention is to challenge the conventional truths around Marketing, Strategy and Life Purpose, especially connected to Creative Visionaries – the crazy ones that are birthed with ideas to propel the human race forward positively but lack the belief, courage, vulnerability and understanding of the gifts they possess as Creative Visionaries to influence generations with their Life Purpose.

Hire Sashka as your speaker to educate about the world of Visionaries and Life Purpose. Adding weight to strategies, brands and businesses who are wanting to bring the human race forward and influence generations positively. 

What makes me different to other speakers in my field?

I connect and I engage.
And I get results.

Because I walk my talk. I’ve been and am still in the arena – a student always wanting to learn. I never go into a room thinking I am better than. My journey is different and that’s what I bring to the table. It’s what challenges the status quo to get leaders thinking and Visionaries creating.


How Profession Limits your Purpose

Building Brands That Influence Generations

Leadership and Innovation

Busting Glass Ceilings for Creative Visionaries

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