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Soul Brand Marketing® Development

Welcome to Soul Brand Marketing® – BrandSashka’s Signature System.

This STRATEGY and SOUL work is over 3-months.

What can you expect when opting in to work with this exclusive system?

After meeting via Skype or Zoom to discuss what it is you REALLY want (your deepest desires), we’ll focus a bit on your Vision. Shortly afterwards, I’ll send you my 8-step process to dive right into. During this process, I’ll be in contact with you via email or messenger to ensure that you’re on track and that things are taking its course.

You’ll be absorbed in the 8-step process for about 1-2 weeks. Once I’ve received your answers from the 8-step Process, I’ll start analysing and putting what you’ve written into a format which we’ll be using as the foundation for your Soul Brand Marketing®. During this time we’ll be meeting on Skype or Zoom and Messenger, with questions I’ll have. I’ll run my first ideas past you, and we’ll start brainstorming on WHO YOU ARE. The CORE MESSAGE of your Soul Brand Marketing®.

Now we’ll start putting the CORE MESSAGE to work within an exclusive strategy – no cookie-cutter – all YOU. We’ll be working on your Soul Clients, What products and/or services to offer your soul clients and HOW, Content Marketing, Creating Content for Membership or online courses, Plan of Action management for the marketing tactics to not only ‘talk’ about them but to put them into ACTION. Tweaking of products and/or services created including pricing and tonality. We’ll also work on your distribution strategy, where would be the best place to market your products and/or services with a corresponding promotional strategy.

We’ll work on your Sales Funnels (I prefer to call them Soul Funnels). There are different funnels available: Website, Social Media, Facebook Ads. We’ll decide on one funnel and work on that, that means, on your sales and landing pages, your email automation (what emails to write when and how many), Videos (scripting where needed).

Your Soul Brand Marketing® will be in action and present on the market with tweaks and testing.

Post-creation: As my Soul Client, I will be ensuring that the content you put out to the market receives structured feedback for you to improve where necessary, always ensuring that you’re on the right track with your Soul Brand Marketing®. Even though the groundwork is done, you’ve still got a friend in me to watch over your work. I’ve got your back!

Some of BrandSashka’s work


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