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Is there a difference between Social Media Marketing and Management?

Is there a difference between Social Media Marketing and Management?



And I’m going to share with you below what these differences are.

If you’re new to my articles and me, something I love to do is explain things in terminology that we know and understand – I just feel we’re then able to grasp things better and put them into action. 

So when I speak of Marketing and Management today, I need you to think of MANAGEMENT as a CAKE (a finished item) and MARKETING as the ingredients (what’s needed to bake the cake). By seeing the business jargon as an everyday language, things’ll suddenly become clearer.

I mean, you cannot have a cake FIRST without the INGREDIENTS, right?

Exactly, and the same goes for Social Media Marketing and Management.

First comes Marketing and then comes Management.

Let’s go through why.

MANAGEMENT: includes the finished product of the marketing strategy (the cake). That is things like a video, artwork, copywriting, blog article, website, podcast, social media etc. that will then be MANAGED via a software tool, such as, tailwind, Later, Planoly, Hootsuite, Sales Navigator, CRM etc. to be scheduled onto different social media platforms (that is, if you have planned a month or longer editorial calendar). Management requires LESS manpower as it is mainly restricted to a human being who manages an account for a client on a weekly or monthly basis. But in order for the management to WORK successfully and achieve the goals set, you need the INGREDIENTS, aka MARKETING to COMPOSE these finished products and then manage them.

MARKETING: The ingredients we need here, are the “who, how, when, where and what” which will be fused together to create social media content that’ll then be managed. 

(or for the Marketers out there, the 5 P’s)

WHAT >> Your product and/or service (and sometimes price): What is the result you’re offering to your audience? Do they want, not need this result? Are they searching for this result? Have you researched this result to see what others are doing to offer a solution? How is yours different?

WHERE >> Your place (distribution): Which social media platform works best for YOU and YOUR audience?

Instagram has over one billion users from all over the world and different age groups – As of January 2021, 33 per cent of global Instagram audiences were aged between 25 and 34 years. In total, over two-thirds of total Instagram audiences were aged 34 years and younger and this makes the platform particularly attractive for marketers* The most common consumer behaviour on Instagram is to review your business or brand on a whole via your grid/bio/content. 

Facebook is all about groups, community and being able to SHARE your opinion (sometimes things can get a bit messy and nasty and this is where knowing your worth is important because there are some really horrible personalities out there who just want to break you down).

LinkedIn is all about thought leadership and currently still with an organic algorithm. It’s a brilliant network of businesses to connect with (there are some spammy connections but you can quickly delete them).

YouTube is your very own media agency: Tutorials, Vlogging, Vlogcasting … you can go ape-shit in your video production.

TikTok (probably my favourite social media platform to date) and this is your 60 seconds of fame … the level of creativity and realness on this platform is out-of-this-world. It’s not comparable to any other platform in terms of content but as with all social platforms – the algorithms (robots) are what drive your profile to viewers. That’s the biggest thing to tackle.

 WHEN >> Your place (distribution): What time should I be posting? This is a question everyone asks themselves ALL THE DAMN TIME! 

In my opinion – KNOW your audience, and you’ll know when and what time to post – you have to play around and split test, knowing full well that this can change at any time… And that may even mean you needing to post 2-3 a DAY (and before you panic! Remember these posts should be kept simple and ensure that you don’t lose your mind. Creating content needs to be natural and not forced. Know your audience, and you’ll be OK with posting 2-3 a day – I promise you).

 HOW >> Your Promotion (Communications & Advertising): The customer journey. Now this one is the biggest stumbling block for so many entrepreneurs – big or small. I see it time and time again.

Again, know your audience, and you’ll know the way they manoeuvre across the internet. What questions they want answering, where they prefer to invest their time and energy, how they prefer their content to be structured. Understanding this helps you with your Social Media MARKETING.

WHO >> Your People: This is THE most important element above-all ingredients! I know you hear it all the time “Know your audience” and I am sure it’s annoying at times, especially when you’re doing the work, but the results aren’t what you’re expecting. I can say this without a shadow of a doubt: It all boils down to knowing your audience.

There is absolutely NO tip-toeing around this.

For your Social Media Marketing to work, this is your focus all-the-damned-time.


Know your audience and everything else will start unfolding for you and your Social Media Marketing.

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Now that you can see the difference between Social Media Marketing and Management, your next question is …

How best to USE Social Media Marketing for your business or corporation?

Social Media Marketing helps you CREATE CONTENT for your marketing.
Which helps you as a business DRIVE sales and BUILD communities.
And the Content is what is MANAGED i.e. scheduled to social media platforms.

Remember: The ingredients comes before the cake.

The recipe of the cake and its ingredients is the CONTENT.

So that means for you, the order of sequence is: 

  1. Get the ingredients (Marketing)
  2. Create a recipe (artwork, easy-to-understand layout of the order of sequence) (Content)
  3. Mix the ingredients and bake the cake (Management)

And the best way to USE Social Media Marketing is to DRIVE sales and BUILD communities towards your Marketing FUNNEL(s).

Why a funnel?

Because this is where your ROI can be analysed and measured to see if your investment into your CONTENT marketing is working.

Your Social Media Marketing is NOT your funnel – it only supports to DRIVE sales and BUILD communities.

Now that you know how best to USE Social Media Marketing for your business, your next question is: How do I create good content to DRIVE sales and BUILD communities?

“It’s best to see what once was, to appreciate what one has”.

Social Media makes an entrance:

A few decades ago, advertising was segmented into two areas: Above-the-line and below-the-line advertising. Ad agencies fought tooth-and-nail to get above-the-line campaigns, as this included not only being super creative on a team to create TV, Print and Radio ads, but it was also where the most revenue for the agency came from. It was no wonder, that the term marketing and advertising was a “cut-throat” business to be in because agencies would steal, grab and kill for certain accounts.

Then, came Social Media and the world of advertising was turned upside down. Entrepreneurs now had the power to BE the media agency, such as a BBC or NBC or Morning Show. You as the entrepreneur now had the space to dictate WHAT content would be produced and what creativity it would put on display and not just an ad agency. The market you could tap into – organically – was off-the-charts! And the creative ideas you could come up with was out-of-this-world!

I recall the day Will Smith, one of THE best actors in the world (in my opinion) made it public that he would be moving to ‘Social Media’. He started a YouTube channel first, sharing his creativity and ideas. A Vlog (homage) to his acting travels and seeing it through HIS creative eyes and not that from a Blockbuster film produced by Warner Brothers and Sponsored by XYZ. It was ‘all-in’ with Will Smith Creativity and his audiences (including me) soaked it up! Then he hit Instagram and took his first photo for the Gram with Ellen de Generes on her show, it went viral (obviously).

Prior to this, Dwayne the Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart were doing their OWN PR on Instagram with their own videos and stories, that captivated MILLIONS of viewers, without having to be on a PRODUCED show. The creative property was all property of The Rock, Hart and Smith.

Their ideas.

Their creativity.

They saw themselves as their own MEDIA AGENCY in addition to their Managers, Agents etc.


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Alas, no-one sent the memo about this great ‘be your own media agency’ upgrade to entrepreneurs. In fact, many were still of the perception that the creative producing rights were only accessible from advertising and media agencies to create content for Social Media.

When in fact, any entrepreneur, whether from a small or large corporation, was able to create their own content, and that in a blink of the eye! All you had to do, was just think and create it! And exactly there, lay the problem for most corporations and entrepreneurs.

Corporations were so used to above-the-line advertising as the ONLY medium and unfortunately didn’t hear about the awesomeness of Social Media Marketing.

Those that saw the opportunity in Social Media and being their own Media Agency snapped up the chance to show their creativity and have fun on social, folks such as Casey Neistat, Jasmine Star, Lewis Howes, Derek Halpern, Gary Vaynerchuck and plenty more. 

To be fair, social media creativity was more active in the USA and creators were rocking Social Media, and still, corporates weren’t able to see the potential in how Social Media Marketing with good Management would be able to benefit their ‘financially’ stable businesses.

Because the old school of thinking was ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’,  we have the money coming in, why bother? Rather than seeing Social Media Marketing and Management as an opportunity to build their brand with a strong and engaged community, they just let sleeping dogs lie.

And so, Social Media Marketing began taking off and exploding into a Marketing level that surpassed the ‘old’ regime of above-and-below-the-line advertising, leaving many businesses stuck and of course sceptical of Social Media Marketing.

And leaving Entrepreneurs with a HUGE gift: YOU as the entrepreneur ARE the Media agency. You are now an Oprah show or NBC or BBC. You set the tone.

This doesn’t mean you have to BECOME an agency and not hire one, it just means that YOU have the credibility and opportunity to CREATE content for your business on Social Media. Obviously, the more creative, the better (NOTE: I didn’t say the more EXPENSIVE, I said the more CREATIVE – BIIIIIG Difference).

Creating Content needs to be fun, simple and understandable.

You need to have PILLARS for your content creation. To help you create ideas for your content.

For example, my Pillars include: 

  1. ABOUT, 
  2. PROFESSION and 
  3. MY FUNNEL(s).

And for each of these pillars, I create content using Reels, TikTok, Statements, Artwork, Meme’s, GIF’s and more to express my content ideas that are beneficial to my AUDIENCE (very important!)

It’s important to remember that you do not need to market to the MASSES, by marketing to everyone you’re marketing to no-one.

Market to your AUDIENCE.

Take things into consideration to create your content such as:

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Competition
  • Your Purpose, Vision, Mission and Why
  • Your personality, character and values
  • Your Branding Essence
  • Your tonality, humour and imagination

There are some great resources that offer templates to assist you with your content marketing, they’re great, but try not to depend on them too much. YOUR energy needs to be prevalent, not a template. 

Target audience artwork – free training including video and PDF and content marketing starter template.

Now that we’ve covered the difference between Social Media Marketing and Management, where Content Marketing fits into the picture and how best to create it. Your next step is to take this knowledge and put it into action.



Sashka Regina, is a much sought-after Business and Brand Strategist, who specifically works with Innovative Game-Changers in the Lifestyle Markets. With over 30 years in Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Business-Building, Human Behaviour and Science Psychology and Growth Hacking Marketing, clients can vouch that solutions to their business and brand stuckness are resolved quickly, efficiently and profitably every time. 

Are you a business owner in need of a free 30-minute free strategy session valued at $1.200 so that you can get to the nitty-gritty of what needs immediate attention for your business acceleration and growth without needing to risk anything? Then book your free session here today.

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