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How To Use Snazzy Digital Tools For Mesmerizing Advertising

How To Use Snazzy Digital Tools For Mesmerizing Advertising


You cross the last „t“ and dot the last „i“.Your signature of approval signed on the dotted line. You feel a bit queasy. A little unsure if the advert you’re about to release into the world, will achieve the goals you set for it. Or worse, if your advert will be seen and read at all. Shivers run down your spine. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in this advert.  It must work. But there’s no guarantee. Wait a minute!
 What if I told you, there is a guarantee? Simple and reliable?
 With immediate feedback?


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Digital vs. Print

You advertise your business to be seen, to raise awareness or even to make some noise about a special offer. And it’s usually in a print form. For example you print 5000 flyers and distribute them.With „distribute“ I mean: you put a pile of flyers in a shop for by-passers to take with.  Despite monies spent.There’s NO guarantee that your flyer will actually be seen.You have no statistics or ROI. Digital however, works completely different.I KNOW we’ve all heard the saying: Digital is the future, but it really is true!! When you „distribute“ your flyer online. It goes viral and you can see „where” it’s gone viral. For example: You advertise your flyer in an instagram post.You immediately see how many people „liked“ or „shared“ your flyer. You get an indication whether your flyer was a success or a flop.

Disclaimer: This depends strongly on the value of the content marketing and strategy you employ.

That is why, when you advertise, you should consider digital first and print second. This will ensure you get reliable statistics. And you’ll be able to measure your ROI.

Pretty simple, right?

Admittedly, advertising involves a complex array of elements to make an advert “work”.Such as: Consumer Behavior, the psychology of buying, color, visuals, typography, copywriting and more.  And this will be covered in an upcoming webinarBut for now…

What tools can small business owners use, when advertising digitally?

Below is my short-list of tools to use for your digital advertising:

  1. Content Marketing with Video’s: Start getting creative. We’re not all Steven Spielbergs, but we can certainly practice the art of being him and producing good content. Some great inspiration can be viewed on Wistia, Animoto or Camtasia. They have great advice and inspiring ideas and are also cost-effective. Keep your video’s entertaining and not longer than 1,50 minutes. 
  2. FlameFlava Digital Magazine: This magazine isn’t even a few months old and is gaining momentum and famosity. They take pride in their magazine and it’s look ‚n feel, and they love their readers. So they prefer not to include crappy ads, you know…the ones with salesy-blah-blah. They have a waiting list if you want to advertise so its best you apply soon…The magazine knows how to share stories and have put a lot of thought into how audiences love to read magazines. Catch them here.
  3. Instagram: Yes, we know that everybody talks about Instagram, but what I love the  most about Instagram are the apps that you can use to make your photos AWESOME and help you tell stories. Apps that I love include Word Swag and Enlight – they aren’t free but worth it! And when you upload to Instagram – your message is automatically posted on Twitter and Facebook (saves you time and money).Now remember, this is my „short-list“.There are a gazillion more digital tools to use. Sound simple?IT IS!


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