So you think that you can only become profitable in your small business start-up when you…

… are able to receive investments or funding?

Think again.

As a start-up with no credibility, assets or a brand, getting investments or funds is highly unlikely to happen, which is why…

…small businesses with great visionary ideas don’t start. It’s not that they don’t BELIEVE in their idea, they lack a means to GET started, and often the only solution most believe to be the way is through having money.


I am going to show you how to get your small business up-and-running within a few days. And not only that but also building a client base that will bring income into your business.

This expert audio training with Workbook is created to help you understand WHAT you need now and HOW to apply it within your business (and life).

By following the steps in the workbook, you’re able to see where your blind spots are and tackle them head-on. Because I know that you’re someone who likes to get things done and dusted and moving forward.

So let’s get this party started, shall we? Clickety-click to claim your spot today!




Setting up your tech stuff (all free so don't worry about having to purchase anything)


Setting up your visual branding look 'n feel


Creating content for your social media platforms


Putting it all together


Reaching out to your audience


Consistency and Motivation


Money and Time Management




Visionaries who want to become well-known with their business idea and attract high-paying clients 🤔

This will happen eventually, but first, you need to prove your business idea works and that you can SELL it to your audience!

Visionaries: With a big crazy business idea to bring income into their life and business  🙌

But you lack the funds to get started.



Immediately: You’ll receive your expert audio training and workbook  🙌

Check your inbox and ensure your email hasn’t landed in the Spam folder (eek!). Your email will unlock all you need to know to attend this expert audio training (whoop whoop!)

There are audio training (so that your internet bandwidth won’t be gobbled up) and you can download to listen at leisure. There is also an accompanying detailed and step-by-step graphic workbook showing you what you need to do to get started.

WHO is this WILD Woman?

Hey there! My name is Sashka and I help Creative Visionaries get clear on their MESSAGING to effectively communicate and market their brand to their true audience. I have been featured on Forbes, Buzzfeed, ThriveGlobal and more.
Being a Visionary is hard work – you spend so much time and energy ‘proving and justifying’ your Vision that you get lost in the process and get confused on what you wanted to communicate in the first place.

Which is why I have created expert pieces of training exclusively designed for Creative Visionaries with my 35+ years experience and knowledge in Communications, Marketing, Business, Branding, Consumer Psychology and Edutainment.

My mission is to help Visionaries UNDERSTAND themselves and their Vision, Purpose and Why – this way you’re able to better communicate and market your message to your true audience. Without being put into a box or ‘having or should’ing’ to do or be something.

My methods Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing® are creative, wise, humorous and imaginative.

I’m the author of Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, which also includes a 50-page workbook, written to discover what your life purpose is and how to integrate it into your vocation.

Trained as an actress, dancer, singer, consumer behaviourist, marketer and advertiser, I’ve empowered hundreds of clients, students, children and event attendees, to show that their Magic Trio (Purpose, Vision and Why) is what steers their brand and business communications.

I’ve been featured on Forbes, Buzzfeed, Natural Born Coaches, Trafeze, Steven Aitchison, various virtual on-and offline summits and more. 

Born and raised in South Africa, once residing in London (UK), I now live in the Tyrolean Alps with my three children.

sashka hanna-rappl

From stuck to breakthrough and clarity.

Buy now.


Why is this training so comprehensive but so cheap?  🙌

If you had the money to invest in your business right now – you wouldn’t need this expert training because you could afford all the ‘big’ gadgets like professionally designed and developed website, email software, branding, team members etc.

But you don’t. And I don’t want to see you NOT making your business idea happen just because of a lack of funds. I really want to see you excel. Periodt.

This training is to get things rolling to get money coming into your business now. IF you do the work.

That’s why ☺


Disclaimer: My method is my own. It’s not regurgitated from anywhere. Terms and conditions apply.

(Seriously, do it! Terms and Conditions apply aka do the work = RESULTS!)

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