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New To Branding And Marketing?

Well hey there Visionary!

So you’re here ’cause you’re new to Branding and Marketing.
Perhaps you’ve just started off in your business or you’ve been wangling your way through it, taking each day as it comes, hoping for a breakthrough?

For starters, have you had a read through my blog post about the different business stages you find yourself in? Read it here.

Next, I recommend that you download the free training of my Brand Formula and Hunger Games to get you started into finding out if your business is ready for becoming a brand that influences generations and how to do it!

I want the Brand Formula please!

Where Do I Go After The Formula?

Ooooh so glad you asked!

Well if you like what you see and hear, then I highly recommend that you purchase my Ultimate Branding and Marketing Course.
It’s not wishy-washy – promise.

This is what you get:
– PDF’s (Worksheets)
– Videos
– Soul Client Training (this term may be new to you, but it’s what traditional marketing refers to as Target Audience, ideal client or client avatar … only … I believe our soul clients aren’t ‘ideal-audiences or avatars’ … I believe they’re human beings that we were meant to serve and I show you how to see and hear them to understand them, in turn helping you to communicate better with them too).

Click the button to purchase the paid course for €97,-

I want the Ultimate Brand Building Training

Where Do I Go After The Branding & Marketing Course?

Dang man! You’re on a friggin’ mission!


Once you’ve aced the course, you’re going to be asking yourself this: How Do I Create Clarity and Consistency with My Brand? The list of marketing tools to enable this is endless: Branding, Website, Email, Blog Posts, Lead magnets and and and …

Personally, out of my own experience, I have found this to be true: I can have all the shiny objects, which are important, but none is as important as knowing without a shadow of doubt WHAT AM I DOING THIS FOR and for WHOM?

At the end of the day you can write a gazillion blog posts and create so many freebies and courses.
But they won’t sell unless you know the PURPOSE of all that you’re doing.

I too am a Visionary, I have a gazillion ideas ALWAYS. I was constantly all over the place and not focused. Until my focal PURPOSE and REASON WHY showed itself to me.

Now when I get overwhelmed or presented with a LOT of ideas and opportunities, I look at my focus-point – my Purpose – and I know 100% what the next move is. What content to produce. What decision to venture on.

And it really IS simple.
I documented it ALL in my book Soul’d Out: Your Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose (buy here). Available on Amazon. And when you send me your proof of purchase, I’ll send you the 50-page Workbook to work on your focal Purpose.

Want to hone in on your Brand Message?

Click the button to purchase the ‘Your Brand Message’ (paid) course €799 including VAT.

I Want To Know My Brand Message

Some of BrandSashka’s work


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