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Making A Meaningful Connection Part Two

Making A Meaningful Connection Part Two

Hello, it’s me again! Housewife turned professional blogger. I promised I’d return with the next instalment of “Doing the work once”. I like that title, it may just stick and become a book or something.

Writing to make a connection is really easy, and thoroughly enjoyable when you know how. It doesn’t involve finding your passion or your big why. Because those are largely irrelevant. Okay, let’s take a sidebar and explore this before you get cheesed off with me and go and do something silly like blow a fortune on Facebook ads trying to sell something you’ve got to people who don’t want it.

The mind is a marvellous thing. It gives meaning to what you do. No matter you do, it gives it meaning. Sweeping the streets? Your mind will tell you that you’re doing a great job because you’re keeping the streets safe for the children and elderly nearby. Clearing up dog mess? Ditto – you’re doing an icky job for the greater good. You mind has assigned it meaning. It does that so that we’ll do the unpleasant things the best we can.

You can absolutely rationalise anything. As Jeff Goldblum says

Don't knock rationalization. Where would we be without it? I don't know anyone who'd get through the day without two or three juicy rationalizations. They're more important than sex. Have you ever gone a week without a rationalization?

Your mind cannot tell the difference between doing something you love, like laying on the beach, sipping mojitos and catching rays and clearing up the house. All it knows is that you’re doing it so it must be important because you’re too smart to waste time on doing something worthless. So the mind makes up a little narrative to give that task meaning, in other words it rationalizes.

Capisce? Of course! It all makes sense now! If the mind didn’t give what we do meaning, we’d never get out of bed in the mornings! And I’ve always wanted to use Capisce in a sentence and now I’ve managed it twice! This post is already more meaningful to me!

When it comes to making a connection, you have to know who you want to make a connection with. It’s not everyone, and it’s most certainly not warm, breathing and with a pulse (aka WBP). Choosing to try and make a connection with WBPs is business suicide. It’s too broad and this means you’ll never, ever make a connection with anyone. If by some miracle ß- insert thunder and lightning here  – you do make a connection and gain a client this way, they will be the lousiest client known to mankind. So much so you will start to question your sanity, your business sense and your very existence, and we can’t having that can we!

There is an easier way to make a connection with your readers and that’s to know who you’re looking to attract and write them steamy, passionate love-letters. Just like the one I’m writing to you now.

To write the best love letter ever, it means you have to know the person you’re writing too. Yup, it’s one person. One lovely person, and in this instance I’m writing just to you. Not anyone else. This is just me and you having a chat, maybe in the Alps in September we’ll do it in person.

Always wanted to go to the Alps? Me too. In September? Me too! In a stunning hotel that is peaceful and tranquil? Me too! We’ll sit together looking at the stunning scenery and share a bottle of wine and you’ll mention this post and how you felt we were on the same wavelength. I’ll smile. The smile will hide the warm, fuzzy feeling of connecting with someone via a blog post. Let me tell I never, ever, tire of that feeling and I doubt you will either.

How do you know them? You ask them.

Remember your first boyfriend and you went on a date. You start talking. At first hesitantly and then you hit the “me toos”. If you don’t hit the me toos pretty quickly he’s not right. In fact, he still might not be right, but you only find that out through conversation.

“Did you watch Suits last night”
“Yeah. I couldn’t believe Mike turned himself in like that!”
“Me too”

Did you see it? There it is, the moment of connection in just two words. The conversation will flow around Suits, Mike and whether you should lie to get a job. You’ll discover a lot about him from that conversation. There will be a lot more “me too” moments. Or there won’t be.

And if there isn’t you’ve had a nice date but you know it’s not going anywhere.

All great marketers will have a program talking about how to find these clients and make a connection. Mine is called Client Clairvoyance. Sashka’s is Unleashing Your Unforgettable Soul Brand. A marketing company or consultant cannot do its job and serve you until they know whom you wish to connect with.

So there you have it, know who you have to connect with and write them a steamy love letter and then publish online… And sit back and wait for the clients to beat a path to your door. Oh Wait! There’s a little more to it, and next week ([thrive_2step id=’22488′]you might want to subscribe so you don’t miss out[/thrive_2step]) you’ll discover how to put together the perfect blog post.



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