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Soul Leadership & Brand Marketing Coaching®

You are not broken.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are enough, worthy and unbelievably good at what you do.

What you desire is to launch/leap/skyrocket to your next level – whatever that level may be – because right now you can FEEL it but it feels so far out-of-reach to make things happen.

You want to develop your high potential into high performance and step into your superior leadership.
You need someone to hold you accountable to BE and DO the best version of yourself and not to fix what’s broken.

Welcome to the Leadership Coaching with Sashka Hanna-Rappl.

I’m here to:

  • accentuate your skills and abilities already in existence
  • boost your performance with a more positive outlook and mindset
  • help identify and deal with issues, concerns, and challenges before they become unmanageable problems – on a personal and organizational level
  • turn the overwhelm into your big picture vision that’s actionable and attainable

My coaching and mentoring process is about challenging your current mindset to see possibilities that you would never have seen or anticipated, then, creating a plan, and taking consistent action to realize success once objectives are identified.

The best practice approach is to observe and analyze the organization from a holistic point of view. Together, we look for positive, feasible, practical, and attainable improvements.

As a Visionary Business owner and leader, you’re often left to your own devices, trying to figure out the solution to your current and future problems, only to run around in circles leaving you exasperated and frustrated.

My ultimate goal for you is to turn your I can’t into I can, especially when you’re in a state of feeling helpless and hopeless at a dead-end.


How do we work together?

My coaching is designed to accelerate your business and brand (or certain areas of it), not just add value to it. I want you to have total clarity as to what you want in your business and brand on a long- and short-term scale. To have unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach social mastery, become a remarkable leader, and operate on the highest level of performance possible – whatever it is that you need and want the most.

I get results by being in your life for the time we work together. An added benefit of becoming a client is that my network (and it’s a damn good one) becomes your network.

I work differently with everybody simply because everybody I work with is different. I don’t follow any template or a particular school of teaching or mentoring. I do me. Each coaching and mentoring session, I’m designing a unique, perfectly fitted coaching capsule for the person in front of me: you.

I won’t ask you to transform into something you’re not and don’t aspire to be. I simply ask that you open your mind to the possibility that you can do so much more with what you already have. If you’re serious about going where you’ve never been, pushing higher and further than you or anyone else thought you could, it’s time to trust the voice inside telling you to do what you know you can do and create a truly remarkable life.

Your investment is anything between €3,000 and €30,000 depending on the length of the time and work and whether you would work with me personally (I meet around 150 people for initial consultations per year and only have the capacity to take around 50 of them on).

All compensation is paid prior to the first session and is non-refundable.

I’m the best in my field and after working with me you will understand why. I bring enormous value to my clients’ businesses and I charge accordingly.

The initial consultation is free. During this meeting (which takes up to an hour and possibly a half) I assess your situation and explain how I work. People sometimes tell me about profound shifts taking place just as a result of this initial meeting. It could be a conversation, unlike anything you’ve experienced in years. You might be shaken up with a new perspective on life from the get-go. Please note that by agreeing to meet me, you’re agreeing to be coached right there already sometimes. Bear in mind that I don’t hold back. Ever.

My clients and I work together, and their businesses often change beyond recognition. This opportunity will cost you more than money, though. I need your energy and commitment as well. Let’s talk when you’re ready. And your life will be transformed forever.

6-week Leadership Coaching – Special Offer for June 2018

Should you have put it out to the universe that you desire a coach to rattle your cage a bit to stop procrastinating because you want to accelerate your journey towards realising your dreams … then apply today.

This is a special offer of 6 weeks with 20% off the usual costs with a 3x monthly instalment plan for five Visionaries who desire personal and business success as much as they want to breathe.
Investment is €1497 including VAT

Hit the apply button today and let’s get your acceleration moving!

Some of BrandSashka’s work

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