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You are a force to be reckoned with

You have risen up from the ashes more times than you can count. Your skin is as tough as nails after all the trials that you’ve been through building your business to the brand that it is today. One thing you don’t need to be reminded of is what your business needs to grow – you’re not overt to learning – but lending your listening ear to the information you’ve heard before is a waste of time for you. And the one thing you treasure the most in your business is time.

You certainly don’t want to spend your time on social media figuring out the in’s-and-out’s of the trade, nor do you want to spend aeons of time with agencies that keep demanding content from you. Yet, that gnawing feeling that being online is important is still there. Which is where BrandSashka comes into play. We love social media – it’s our playground – we know the bouncers and the high ballers. We spend a lot of time out on this turf and we would love to introduce you to the gang – on our time!



It takes 3-months to build know-like-and-trust with your engaged audience and to take them from a cold to warm audience. Not only do we manage this process but the strategy is customised to you and your customer journey experience. And an added bonus! We love being on social media, which means you don’t have to!


We have found that pretty things are what attract attention and assist in the buying decision of the consumer. We know how to get eyeballs on your brand with visual branding beyond the obvious.


This is solely for Innovative Game Changers. Risk-takers. Who are ready and willing to give it all they’ve got to scale from business to brand. Enough of playing small, and keeping your genius hidden. Working with me 1-1 will get you from procrastination to consistency that brings an engaged community, enlightenment, collaborations to promote your brand and kick-ass strategies that are customised only to you.



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