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How to write the perfect Blog post Part Three

How to write the perfect Blog post Part Three

Last week we spoke about the “Me toos” and you’re here with me right now,
and I’m thrilled to bits that we’ve resonated.

Today, we’re going to write the perfect blog post. Let’s define perfect…
There’s no such thing as failure, just 999 times that didn’t work according
to Nikola Tesla, inventor of the lightbulb. Did you see what I did there?
Well, Edison nicked enough from Tesla in his lifetime, I thought it was
about time he took one back ;).

So step number one for the perfect blog post would be ``Know there isn't perfection but check your facts anyway``.

Facts?!?!?!?! Yes, you should have some facts in your blog posts, and you
should link to those credible sources that validate your facts. Why? Because
search engines we’re built by academics, and they love a juicy fact that has
a link to it. When you have a juicy fact or two, you become memorable as
well as knowledgeable.

Can’t get a juicy fact? No sweat! You can do your own survey and become the
source of all things fact on that topic (an influencer *swoons*) or you can
use a quote or a statistic from someone else. I borrowed Tesla and Edison
for mine.

Why? Well, Sashka is in Austria. Her site has a European audience,
and in Europe we all know who Tesla is. U.S. readers all know of Thomas
Edison and his rivalry with Edison. The Brits love an underdog and in that
opening paragraph I’ve lit up all the main readers of this post. Smart? Yes! It’s smart because it comes with knowing your audience.

So, you've hooked your reader in with a juicy fact and now you wrap a little story around it.

As human beings we’re hard wired to remember stories as
that’s how we’ve passed down our history over the millennia. Maybe it’s a
personal anecdote, maybe it’s one you create to connect with your readers.
Either way, a little story will give your post a lot of longevity.

Next up is the main point of the post, which is usually identifying a
problem your reader is facing. This is the perfect blog post and not a
Vanessa Williams song. You absolutely must not save the best till last. Give
your readers what they want and give it to them quick. If you don’t know how
to segue into it, don’t panic. Just write the three paragraphs and then
delete the first one. The opening paragraph is generally fluff if you don’t
follow my techniques, this way you get to the point at a speed that doesn’t
cost you your audience.

Still here? Superb, that’s what I love about you – your thirst for knowledge
and the application of knowledge. It tells me you’re a leader and not a
follower and I’m ecstatic that someone as smart as you is here connecting
with me. There’s no one who deserves it more than you when it comes to being
a leader in your industry.

So, you've spoken about the problem your reader faces, you've shown that you understand them.

You’ve heard them. There’s nothing more powerful than being
heard, trust me on this fact, and you’ve just  recognised it with your
readers. How do you feel? Amazing? Fabulous! Now we solve the problem with
our readers. Did you see how I did it in this post? It’s right there in the
seventh paragraph.

And finally we need the call to action…

As human beings that love to rationalize everything, we need to have a call
to action to wrap things up. You don’t like loose ends. They drive people
nuts. They drive you crazy and they drive the protagonist of every cop
thriller you’ve ever read totally loony tunes. Think Carrie in Homeland.

It’s the loose ends that get master criminals caught. It’s the lack of a
call to action that prevents your reader for trusting you.

The call to action should be relevant to your post, and something the reader
can do to get the lovely sensation that closure brings. In this post I’m
going to ask you to share this post on Facebook.

Next week we’re going to talk headlines…

But before then you need to know one more thing about the perfect post...

It should have a visual in it. A simple, appealing image that delights your
ideal reader and relates to what you’re writing about. It should be branded
with your main URL on it, and it should have the title of the blog post on

You can get a stack of gorgeous images from here to enhance
your post. Just choose an image source, download your chosen image, pop it
into et voila! You have something delightful that will attract
readers in when the post is shared on social media.

If you’ve found this post useful, please share it on Facebook as I know your
friends will get good value from it too.


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