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Ugh! You did it! You just learned about your negative brand perception.

What the heck happened? How is this possible? You followed all the steps you thought were mandatory. Tons and tons of questions suddenly invaded your brain. Yes, your precious brain that planned it all in detail, but… somewhere hidden, occult universal forces turned everything upside down and the consumers gifted you with a negative brand perception.

“What can I do? What can I do now?” the internal voice almost gives you a headache.

Don’t panic! Calm down!

A wise man once said that “Everything changes and nothing stands still”. His name was Heraclitus and his words translated mean that the only thing that remains constant in life, is change.

Without a doubt, change is hard. But, together we can change the change, no doubt!

Once the consumer’s mental perception is formed, changing it needs a really good strategy. You must target the consumer’s internal perception. Changing your logo or adopting a new slogan will obviously not help.

Only after you gain an internal clarity and confidence on what is your brand’s value, will the consumers start changing their perception… step by step.

According to studies, in case of a negative brand perception there are only two viable options.

1 – Initiate a new, fresh brand

2 – Continue to develop your existent brand

It would be easier to start afresh, but it would be tremendously more challenging to invest in changing the negative brand perception which began following you.

Stop being chaotic! Stop being screwed by the bad perception.

So what CAN you do to turn a NEGATIVE brand perception into POSITIVE?

# 1 – Understand that the road that you followed and brought you a negative brand perception is not the right one for you. Therefore, you need to make a total strategy change.

# 2 – Your main focus should now be on what value you bring to your consumers; how can you help them.

# 3 – Make a strategy to create more experiences that your consumers care about.

# 4 – A change of nearly every aspect of your operations from the inside out is a must.

# 5 – Analyze if you are targeting the ideal consumers. Chances are… you didn’t.

Don’t forget that consumers are human beings also. Their souls are trapped inside a box called a human body. Most of them can only handle what we call the five senses. Therefore, in adopting your optimized strategy keep in mind that most of the human perception is influenced by these senses.

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