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You have a problem that you don’t even know about! Yes, you!

Don’t say that you don’t because, you have an already established business in the lifestyle market.

Don’t say that you don’t because, you worked hard to build your brand.

Let me reiterate. You have a problem. And its name is Brand Identity Guidelines.


What are Brand Identity Guidelines?

Do you remember the school days? The days when you had manuals to study from? Well, Brand Identity Guidelines is a written manual that includes a few to several hundred pages, which:

  • Explains how a brand should be approached internally
  • Explains how a brand should be used externally
  • Establishes the voice of the company
  • Describes each modality of communication from the company
  • Internally, teaches everyone what your brand is and how to implement it
  • Includes rules to maintain your identity, the unified presence for your brand
  • Includes instructions related to offline and online communication, layout, fonts, colors, logo, brand name, etc.
Why Do You Need Brand Identity Guidelines?”

Let’s admit it. For everything that exists there is a hidden reason. Even if you perceive it or not. It’s the same thing with your Brand Identity Guidelines.

So WHY do you need it?

First, because you are a visionary with a gazillion ideas; hence not making you famous. Just imagine how it would be after you connect the dots.

Second, if you still haven’t settled all your ideas, your employees will not know how to properly use and communicate your brand message either.

Third, your manual will answer several questions for internal and external use.

Fourth, but not the last, it will give you a clear direction and tactics to reach your goals.

Briefly, your Brand Identity Guidelines will help you be:

  1. Consistent
  2. Persistent
  3. Restrained

Only having it will assure that your brand promise can’t be compromised. Therefore, you will become a master in avoiding brand confusion. Don’t you know how to define brand confusion? Who cares about its definition? Let me tell you. Brand confusion, it is your brand’s butcher!

7 Musts For Brand Identity Guidelines
  1. It needs to cover everything about your brand.
  2. It should inspire the rest of the company to become your brand advocates.
  3. It needs to be concise.
  4. It needs to be thorough.
  5. It needs to ensure that your brand is accurately depicted.
  6. It needs to cover all your brand’s potential use.
  7. It needs to be easy to update the website within brand standards.

Hold up!

Are you already dizzy? No, it’s not a universal conspiracy against you. Still… you have to admit that I was right. You have a problem.


My mission is to help you create your unforgettable brand.

Stay tuned!

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