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How To Brand Your Marketing Quiz With Sarah Arrow

How To Brand Your Marketing Quiz With Sarah Arrow

You’ve spend what seems like years creating your brand and now you want to create brand awareness. You’ve created a marketing quiz and now you need to get your brand some traction.

The first step is to make sure your marketing quiz speaks the language of your audience. If your readers know and love the phrase “soul clients” don’t talk about dream clients or they will get confused. Make a list of the language your soul clients use. What words draw them in? What phrases connect them to you?

The next step is to make sure your images in your quiz fit your brand, but have the potential to go viral. This means using images that are fun, or emotionally appealing. Better still images that are both fun and emotionally appealing combined.

In an ideal world, you’d just outsource this to your branding team but if you don’t have, or can’t afford a branding team then take a look at the following tools

With a combination of an image editing suite and some gorgeous images, you’re well on your way to a fully-branded marketing quiz.

Remember that in your branded images you can use images of a certain style, add your brand colours to the border or just a discreet logo in the corner. The images can have very simple branding and still gain massive traction with your audience.

In the first image (1) you’ll see the dog with an iPad and the brand colour is on the screen along with the BrandSashka logo.

In the second image (2) you’ll notice the logo discreetly in between the two dogs. It’s not in your face, but it is there.

In the third image (3) you’ll notice the dog is there, but no logo and the phone is brand colour. A border can easily be added to this image to further enhance the branding, but with the other two images it’s not needed. By the time someone see the third image they instinctively recognise the brand colours and the dogs as the animals representing the Brand.

In the 5-minute marketing audit you’ll notice the images are dogs. Not just any dogs… This imagery talks to the entrepreneur that wants to be the top dog in the industry. The Dogs are cute and clickable, and they ask and answer realistic questions. The entrepreneur that takes this quiz loves that it’s in alignment with his goals. He’s a dog lover (part of the soul client for that product) and he loves the fun imagery – it makes him feel good about taking the quiz.

Part of people liking your Brand is that you make them feel good. A lot of marketing likes to talk down to people and make you feel less than. I don’t buy into that style of marketing and the chances are you don’t either. This means that you’ll feel safe in our community and that you’ll like us.

Getting liked is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face in your business. Branding and fun visuals will help with this. If you’re not an animal lover, and you think that dogs acting in a fun manner is childish or silly, then you wouldn’t want to work with me. You’ve filtered yourself out. Our branded marketing quiz is doing its job.

Your brand marketing quiz will not only increase your brand recognition on social media, you’ll also find that it starts sales conversations with qualified prospects as well. What’s not to love about that?

Sarah Arrow teaches soulful entrepreneurs how to do the work once, and then leverage the results. You can find her most popular content over here.

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