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I am absolutely certain that I was not talking about brand perception but, do you remember The Branding Lesson I Learned From Head Lice? I explicitly stated there, “You need to make yourself KNOWN. Every single day. Meeting people, selling your business.”

Fortunately, we live in a time when many tools are at hand. And one of them is called social media. People tend to think that social media is a method to… lose your time pretending that you are building relationships. Pretending that you are building a false reality.


This is definitely not so! If you are SMART ENOUGH, this tool becomes the most valuable treasure for influencing your brand perception.

Maybe your consumers will not visit your website often on their own. They don’t have enough time. But, they visit their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram profiles and there, words are definitely spread with the force of a hurricane. It’s enough to post a simple news update about your business. If you target the right market, your brand will shine like a star.

Now, guess what comes after your brand becomes shiny? Simple answer. The shine will boost your sales.

The thing is that you must focus on your target. Influencing your brand through social media can’t be a random act or even worst, a chaotic experience.

Now, don’t stress yourself!

Hold up! Check out…

How You Can Influence Brand Perception Using Social Media

#1 There are several networks out there. Don’t try to master all of them. The best social media network is the one which makes you feel comfortable and is most suitable for your business. Your potential consumers are everywhere, therefore, don’t be stressed on eliminating a network thinking that you will lose them. You will not.

#2 Build a strategy and be consistent. If you are present on social media platforms only from time to time and most of all, only to promote yourself without caring about your targeted consumers’ needs, I doubt that you will succeed to have a positive brand perception.

#3 Provide valuable content that people will eagerly want to share. Your brand will not only have a positive perception, but it will become stronger and stronger each day.

#4 Be as visual as you can. People love visual ads therefore use this to your own

#5 Know your potential consumers well. Listen to what they want and need.

#6 Put your end user in the middle of your social media strategy.

#7 Be authentic! Be you! I bet you don’t need too many explanations on this statement.

Indeed, social media is one of the best tools that your brand has. Just think how much revenue it brings you in short term.

Nevertheless, if you decide not to lose your time trying to figure out which is the best strategy for your brand perception, ask a professional brand strategist’s help. Or find a MENTOR.

Do you get it? Now it’s an A-HA moment!

Click here to learn more about the “3 Proven Steps To Creating Your Unforgettable Brand“.

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