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The Branding Lesson I Learned From Head Lice

The Branding Lesson I Learned From Head Lice

Have you ever had head lice?

I remember being checked at school for it. I remember the backache from hanging my head over the bath, whilst my mom scanned my head.

This weekend, I was pleasantly surprised, when my son politely came to me and told me his head was scratching like mad. And this 3 days before school was about to start. After EIGHT weeks school holidays (yes you read right! 8 bloody weeks!).


Swallow and gain composure Sashka. You’re being watched.

Calmly, I asked my son, and my two daughters to follow me to the bathroom, so that I could inspect their heads. Yup. Sure enough. Head lice. My youngest daughter had the pleasure of celebrating her birthday with head lice (poor thing). My middle daughter, has the shortest hair, so I scanned her head and decided to shave her hair off come Monday. And my son, OMG! An infestation!

I had NEVER seen this many lice (I bet you’re scratching your head now right?)

I then started the head lice process: Massaging coconut oil into their hair to smother the head lice. Combing their hair almost-strand-for-strand to get rid of the parent-lice. I informed my kids that they were to sleep with the coconut oil overnight. And that I would wash their hair the next morning with lavender oil.

I was so tempted to cut corners and just leave it.

But I had to do this properly, otherwise I would be doing this for more than two weeks.

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And this got me to thinking about brand awareness.

I know this sounds totally weird. But just bare with me. Here I am painstakingly nit-picking (Excuse the pun!) my kids’ heads, to avoid having lice in the family for a longer period of time. And it’s freaking hard work. And not something I’m doing for fun. But it’s a means to an end. Much the same as creating brand awareness. It’s hard work. Whether on-or offline. Just because you have a website doesn’t mean the world is going to come flocking to your doorstep. You need to make yourself KNOWN.

Every single day. Meeting people, selling your business. Being present and in the moment, every single day. Giving your customers added value. Researching your field of expertise and sharing your insights. Being there for your customers when they have questions.

Hustle. Grind. Work. And loving what you do. Even if you’re feeling super-down. Just keep at it. Make it a habit to keep going.

I read in a Facebook forum recently, about a lady who had an a-ha moment, when she realized that she’d seen her business as her „money-factory“ instead of seeing it as her passion and her reason why. Much the same as picking out lice eggs isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but the consequences by not doing what I had to do, would be me standing there even longer trying to get rid of the head lice. And that’s what many businesses do. Cut corners. Get-rich-quick-schemes.


You pay the consquences in the end. Karma’s a bitch eh?

The moral of the story?

When you see something as a total waste of time to get to where you’re going. Take a step back and ask yourself: What will my consequences be, if I CUT these corners? Will my brand be better for it, or will I get a kick up my butt for wanting to take the quick ‚n easy path?

As for me: I have another week or so, to get the head lice out of the family’s head. And I’m doing it pedantically.

My kids: They’re super cautious of anyone who has head lice now. Ensuring they wear hats and beanies or avoiding bumping heads (head lice cannot jump – they’re not fleas). So out of what might be a rather annoying happening in the family, we’re all learning something positive.

And that’s all about life – isn’t it?

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In this fast-paced online world, it’s so lovely getting to know my readers through my business worldwide.

Much gratitude


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