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The real key to speeding up, is slowing down.

The world we live in NOW, is demanding of us to no longer rush, speed, consume unnecessary content or items that won’t benefit the higher good. As woo as this sounds, the world has had enough of greed, selfishness and discrimination. And you are being called to step up. And as willing as you are to show up, you’re at crossroads, on the one hand, you love doing what you do and want to keep doing it, only it feels stale and lacks lustre. And for the life of you, you cannot put your finger on what it is that needs to be resuscitated.


We have been shaken. Mentally, physically and spiritually. And the settled snow around you is showing that what has worked before no longer has presedence over your market. the old messages are falling on deaf ears. Now what?


You know this. You preach it day-in-and-day-out. change is what brings life and growth, however, now that change is presenting itself to you, in a time when things were pretty much going ‘alright’, suddenly change seems to be overwhelming. You need guidance now, on discovering how to channel this change in a direction that is both profitable and making your heart sing.


There are many reasons, I have listed them below (yes, there is a list).



Why would I start my ‘success’ with my failures? Because this is what has made me successful. Losing my first business by trusting the wrong people with my business systems, getting into debt because I didn’t manage my money well, hiring a team too early, hiring a team that let me down, doing everything and nothing, working with clients that made me feel small rather than letting me grow, thinking too small of myself, thinking too much of myself, reacting rather than being pro-active, getting into arguments that got me nowhere and left me depleted, spending way too much money on paid advertising without having a clear result and filling a need in the market, people-pleasing, faking-till-you-make-it, sexism, discrimination, trolls, failed partnerships, giving up, not listening to my intuition, a strong woman in a man’s world … the list goes on! I have failed in my business on so many occasions and for every failure, I can say with conviction, that when I work with clients, that when I say that I’ve been there, it is NOT an exaggeration. My failure has helped me master my craft.



I say this over-and-over-again that you are not your vocation – you can work in many different industries, the through-line is your life purpose, your why and who you’re here to serve. In fact, I created an exclusive methodology around this called Soul Brand Marketing® (yes it’s registered!) and I wrote a book about it too! I truly believe that you can be many things, and that there is ONE thing that glues it all together – and I’m exceptional at pulling that out of you.
Why is this such a big deal?
Because no matter what industry you work in, when you know your life purpose (not your vocation), why you’re doing it and for whom, your growth in that work is exponential and transcends beyond what you know (that keeps you small). It’ll take you to new levels and areas that you only dreamed of but never knew how to get there.
Is this an idle promise?
Let’s be real here: I can SHOW you all this wonder but YOU have to do the work to make it happen. This is YOUR purpose – I’m there to action on it rather than just dream about it.



I’ll be honest with you. This particular gift took me the longest to ‘own’. I have a gift to SEE and HEAR your potential. In the medium-world, this is referred to as clairvoyance (clairaudient and sentient). In addition to that, I’m an Empath, highly sensitive and an ambivert (no labels – just explanations).
Why is this such a big deal when working with me?
Because I can see through your bullshit.
As simple as that.
I may have some ‘woo’ gifts, but I am also very grounded and action-orientated and combined, I am able to see where you’re wanting to cut corners, why and how to combat to get to where you want to get to. I never do this with force, nor do I bully you. The choice to grow is ALWAYS yours. My role is to show you the possibilities, your capabilities and the action steps to getting there. Just seeing your potential and discovering the steps to achieve it – one step and one day at a time – consistently, is what gets you from where you are now to where you want to be with what you have.



My thirst to learn new things that interest me, has led me to delve into many industries, in which I have not only worked but also studied the craft. Many told me this ‘job-hopping’ was pointless and that I had ‘choose one direction and settle down’. To which I replied: “Bah-humbug!”. My experience extends itself into the following markets:

Coaches, Authors, Health & Nutrition, Fitness, E-commerce, Dropshipping, Agencies.

Entertainment, Designers, E-Commerce, Musicians, Artists, Clothing, Jewellery, Food, Interior, Packaging.

Real Estate, Fitness, Healing, Spiritual, Speakers, Psychology, Magazines, Luxury Brands, Influencers, Retail, Tech, Language Schools.

Marketing, Business, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing.

It took 3 seconds to be engaged with this content, imagine what we can work on in 60-minutes for your brand and business to engage your community?


My business coaching is customised and individual and is offered monthly. No programmes. No memberships. 1-1 support with action-steps that will make your heart sing, making an impact doing what you love.



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