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Sometimes we just get curious about something someone said. I find that that’s a sign to find out what your curiosity wants to tell you!

Let’s chat and satisfy that curiosity…

My Name Is Sashka
Leadership Coach | Branding & Marketing Strategist | Entertainer | Author | Speaker

Creator and Founder of Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing® Modules. Imperfect in every way but not really giving a damn because Why should I? I know what I’m here on earth for and that’s to turn your I can’t into I can because the world needs to hear your message!

sashka hanna-rappl

A sought-after International Business and Brand Marketing Strategist for Creative Visionaries.

Creator or Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing® and Founder of my full-service Brand Marketing Agency BRANDSASHKA. I specialise in taking you from business overwhelm, not knowing how or where to start, and showing you step-by-step how to achieve short-term successes over the long-term by going from No Name to Brand Leadership. I work solely with Rebels, Misfits, Free-Spirits and Visionaries in the Lifestyle market and unleash your brands’ true soul potential starting from the inside out. And the Author of “Soul’d Out! Your Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose”.

On a personal note: I’m a momma to three kids, wife to one husband and slave to one cat. I’m an actress, singer and dancer and dance fitness instructor. A lover of coffee, good food and company, scrabble, wine and nature. My spirit animal is an African elephant and Bengal Tiger. I love travelling but also am a home-body and the comfort of just being home. My favourite past-time? Laughing till my tummy hurts!

For ENTREPRENEURS who’ve tried it all doing the same things over and over – it’s time to have your status quo challenged!


My promise to you

To never change who you are and what you stand for. To always strengthen your weaknesses and show you that for every can’t there’s a can!

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