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Not Attracting The Right Clients?

Not Attracting The Right Clients?

Let me tell you a story.

My story.
And whilst I tell you about this story, get yourself comfortable as well as a notebook and pen because I KNOW that you’re going to have a few a-ha moments.
Just like I did.
Because right now, you’re outgrowing your business, and for the life of you, you cannot put your finger on WHY this is happening or WHAT THE HELL you should be doing next ‘cause things just feel disjointed.
And it’s not to say that your business is running around like a headless chook but you have this ‘meh’ and ‘antsy’ feeling you can’t shake off (Sorry Tay-Tay, this isn’t the right time to ‘Shake it off’).
Let’s go.
We all start our businesses for whatever reason.
It may be because you wanted to get out of the corporate world.
Or even having a super successful business like a dentist, doctor or lawyer, you came to realise that your vocation just wasn’t fulfilling you, despite the great income.
For me, I was pregnant with my third child. Not in any way wanting to go back into the corporate world as a mom of three kids living in a country where childcare was literally non-existent and expensive. Which meant I had to stay at home with my kids.
But there was no way in hell that I was going to vegetate at home ‘just’ being a ‘mom’.
I had a lifelong education in the arts and entertainment (acting-singing-dancing) as well as Marketing-Branding and Advertising.
And I LOVED my profession. With a passion.
So in my 7th pregnancy month, I shuffled my way over to the Registration offices and registered my business as a Business Consultant.
Which required a lot of paperwork and ‘proof’ that I was really qualified to do what I was going to do.
But I got it.
And I was PROUD AF.
So I set off to get my business ‘out there’.

This business phase is what I call the TODDLER phase. 

I got myself a logo, website and the whole she-bang because I was a creative and super strategic.
I had my shizzle together, unlike the clients who I wanted to show ‘how it should be done’.
The AUDACITY of my pompous attitude (pff!) thinking I was ‘better than’ them because I was a ‘business consultant’.
So naive I was.
Little did I know that I was in for a treat.
A mindf*ck treat.
I attracted clients that saw no worth in what I offered.
They found my ‘creative business strategies’ lame and non-professional.
I was told on many occasions that I was REACTIVE and not PRO-ACTIVE.
That I didn’t have a strategic bone in my body.
That my education and qualifications in the country I was living now, was worth jack-shit as it wasn’t accredited by the country’s Marketing standards.
It wasn’t very long before my business focus had very little to do with Creative Business Consulting but rather more about proving myself. And the way I pushed myself was to get more clients (a gazillion of them) and make a shit-load of money.
Because THEN I would be seen as successful.
The more I pushed, the more I got knocked down.
The more I set out to prove myself and my worth, the more I was shot down.
I just couldn’t break through.
So I tried to think out of the box.
WHAT WERE OTHER BUSINESSES doing that was making them financially successful?
How could I also have what they had?
What I noticed was that many businesses were going online (not necessarily where I was living) but internationally. And they were making a lot of money. BINGO!
So I thought to myself: Perhaps I wasn’t meant to business consult and write creative business plans.
Perhaps I was meant to set up an online directory for other small businesses who needed to get themselves noticed – like me – and I could be their rescuing platform.
They’d pay me a monthly fee and be featured in my super snazzy online magazine – which would have an international reach, and we’d all have a win-win situation.
But this would involve a lot of money.
Money and investment which I didn’t have.
So I set off to acquire money from the bank – a gorgeous loan.
Which they gave me.
Lucky me.
And off I set to find an advertising agency that would assist me in creating this INCREDIBLE online directory under my business name as well as the accompanying business magazine. Where I would be the Chief Editor, something I had a lot of experience in.

And so I slowly slipped into what I call the CHILDHOOD business phase.

This phase is when you come out of your ‘original’ business idea and discover that you’re not getting much business traction, so you veer off your lane into other lanes and develop a level of comparisonitis, wanting what the other businesses have: Financial Success.
In this phase you’re like a teenager trying to find your identity.
All your life you’ve been monitored and guided and mentored and suddenly you’re standing on your own two feet needing to make your OWN decisions. Something you haven’t done before. So you’re guided by what you KNOW.
And what you know includes a LOT of limiting beliefs.
Beliefs that you always thought were your foundation.
Sure! They got you this far but that’s not to say that they were ‘helpful’ or helping you expand into your greatness.
Instead you’re being held back and you find yourself being driven very strongly by your WHY.
In my case (as many can attest to), my WHY was to prove how bloody clever I was even though my education wasn’t from the country I was residing in, and prove to everyone that I COULD make things happen and be stinking rich! My WHY was driven by my ego, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not productive.
It’s in this phase that you experience the most failures and falls.
You stop and start so often.
Late nights, a lot of networking and marketing.
And you invest a lot of money in this phase for things you must-have… the business-sickness of shiny-syndrome is horrendous in this phase because you are addicted to ANYTHING that promises financial success.
In this phase, you attract a lot of sour apples that suck you dry.
A lot of victim mentalities.
You’re constantly undercharging and working waaaaaay too many long hours for peanuts.
And you’re just not getting further.
You’re so driven by your WHY of just surviving and making a lot of money because THAT will solve ALL your problems.
You’re constantly living in the phrase: IF I have ……. THEN I’ll be able to ….
You’ve lost focus on why you actually started your business.
For me, I went into businessto not go into corporate and work those long hours.
I wanted to spend time with my kids being a stay-at-home mom. Being there when they needed me (I was naive then because kids need you 24/7).
I wanted to laugh a lot and enjoy life.
Be free and live life on my own terms.
But I’m sure you know that it was anything but, right?
200 hour weeks for no salary.
One woman-show.
Beating myself up.
Constantly on-call for my three kids and husband.
No support from family or husband or friends.
Attracting horrible clients that never respected my time or my hard work.
Being told over and over again that business consultants were just sharks and always putting their clients down because they knew better.
Can you recall what you were being told in this phase?
Was your self-and business worth also being tested?
I know that my limits were being tested 100%!
And then, as if by a miracle, I stumbled onto small little things that started cracking my ‘doing-soul’ open, to see that I was worthy and enough. And that there really was hope for me and my business.
For some reason, a path got lit and led me to the door of someone who nailed my pain points, one after another and they gave me hope that I could actually make it.
I started learning about MINDSET and SELF-WORTH.
We all have this ONE pivotal moment that unlocks the door to the next phase. 

And this is when I entered into what I call the ADOLESCENT business phase.

By working on your mindset and self-worth, your eyes are suddenly opened to all those lifetime triggers (limiting beliefs) that kept you small.
Small in your thinking. Your Vision. Your talk. Your business and so much more.
And then you start learning that your business and life aren’t entities but one.
Now you may be thinking; How the heck can they be ONE?
Let me explain as I have so many examples (now that I am able to see them). You see, when I was going through rough times in my business I was sure to feel the ripples in my personal life as one reflected the other and vice versa.
Just a small but good example.
One of my daughters were being bullied at school and I was a little at a loss as I wasn’t sure what I could do to help her get out of her self-destructive funk.
Which broke my heart not having ALL the answers (this is a hard pill for a parent to swallow).
I did a lot of research and workarounds before finding a God-send of a woman who would help me and my daughter find the voice to speak up and bring my daughter back to me and herself.
And the same was happening in my business.
How do you ask?
Get this: My voice was not being heard because I wasn’t fighting for what I wanted in my business. The Big vision. I was keeping myself small and being bullied by myself and whoever I allowed to keep me small.
And by stepping out of my smallness, I was then able to see so much of what I had to offer this world that was so much MORE than just being a creative business consultant who was excellent at writing business plans.
As if by some miracle, it was like a veil was lifted off my eyes and I was able to not only SEE again but step into my TRUE self (my adolescent-self that we all search for) and into my greatness.
Once things resolved with my daughter, and I was aware of similarities in my business, and I used some tools to ‘fight for myself and my business’, things shifted, like: I didn’t bully myself anymore, instead I took care of myself – loving me. That was a hard thing to do.
I’m sure you feel the same way, but I had ALWAYS felt that I was destined for something GREAT!
But because of my mindf*ck mentality and being told by so many how invaluable I was, I wasn’t able to see or step into my greatness.
Then I had this surreal moment, I felt like I stepped into the role of Neo from The Matrix, where I was able to see patterns everywhere and how things connected to one another and how they solved deep questions always being asked.
I was able to see all the communication gaps and create bridges to bring clarity into the picture.
And as the saying goes: We ALL have the answers WITHIN us. But as I say: We just have to ASK the RIGHT questions to receive our answers. 
Which is how my book, Soul’d Out: Your Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose unfolded and got published.
You see, many Visionaries NEED a constant – a golden thread that gives consistency, clarity and direction when things go a little haywire. And when we ask questions, our rather complicated minds tend to churn out a gazillion answers – which are all brilliant answers but not always the most helpful for that Visionary idea.
And like Neo (from the Matrix), I started to see how all the areas of our life and all the questions we ask and even what we always wanted to BECOME as a kid, all lead to one thing: Our Life Purpose.
Our constant.
Not our WHY. Not our talents, gifts or vocation.
But the reason why we do what we do.
And I started to see how my Life Purpose connected with my Soul Group (clients), my vocation, my talents and gifts.
And just like that I found my constant.
My Holy Grail in business for consistency, clarity and who I am.
I created the exercises in my book to leave you with a lot of words in a sentence that may look like gibberish at first, but the  more you refine and mull over it, you’ll suddenly have this WHAM! moment (Love you George Michael), and your LIFE PURPOSE will be revealed.
My Life Purpose is to raise legendary leaders, especially those that are Visionary Underdogs.
Sounds so arbitrary right?
Pfff, raise leaders.
But then I thought about it more and started to see how I do this ALL the time, without it always involving my full-service Brand Marketing Agency.
When I speak to ANYONE.
I can SENSE traits in them that typical Visionary Underdogs have, whether they’re 6 or 60 years!
And I can SEE the leader in them wanting to break through.
But they don’t know HOW or WHY?!
Now my book may not work for everyone because not everyone is a Visionary-Rebel-Misfit-Free spirit, Empath, Ambivert … we’re NOT all the same. So what works for the goose may not work for the gander.
Which is why, when I work with my Soul Group, we flip the coin.
(Which is also how I came to creating Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing®).
You see, Marketing and Branding TOOLS are the same all over the world.
Imagine it being a coin.
And there are TWO sides to a coin.
Heads or tails. Right?
I see heads as the logical side and tails as the creative side.
So when I meet Visionary Underdog Leaders and they ask me HOW they can find their Life Purpose and implement it into the business?
I use both sides of the coin.
For one, I first ask to see your Soul. Once I’m able to see this, I am able to help you find your Life Purpose and then align your business with it and not the other way around.
In other words, I don’t focus on the product and/or service you’re wanting to market and creating business plans and strategies for that. I’m focusing on who YOU are and then building the brand around YOU and your life purpose. Because a brand CREATES customers, and should you want to attract customers to your brand, they need to WANT to connect with your Soul Brand – a human being (or soul) that’s real, authentic and has a purpose to why they started their business.
And it’s not just the illusive WHY? that drove you from Toddler phase to this phase.
It’s so much more – if you WANT it to be.
You see your Soul Brand should speak volumes for you because it’s everything you are and it speaks directly to your soul clients in your soul group.
There is a vision-purpose and promise in every message that you put out to the world and it’s synonymous with who you are.
And by being consistent and clear on your message as well as authentic, you will ALWAYS attract your soul clients in your soul group. Because they’re LOOKING for the soul group leader to help take THEM to THEIR greatness. And you have the special sauce to get them there.
And what better way to present yourself energetically and physically to your soul group than using Branding that’s a visual representation of you. And THAT will ALWAYS differentiate you from anyone else because … well … you is you.
There IS no-one like you …

Enter the fourth phase, which is what I call the ADULT business phase.

And this is where you come full circle.
Where all the pennies drop and you realise what a magnificent BEING you are (which is the new doing).
And every single vision or dream that you ever had for you and your business suddenly feel small in comparison to what is that’s about to unfold.
Your soul client becomes bigger, almost impossible and limitless.
And it doesn’t even scare you.
In fact, it excites the shit out of you, because you know now, that whatever scares you is a GOOD thing because it’s part of your higher calling.
And the excitement is so big that you can hardly breathe.
You have to catch yourself on so many occasions to remember to breathe.
Somehow, you come across to others as airy-fairy-woo-woo. who’s gone off on some tangent.
And in the past, you would’ve quickly changed your tune to sing their song rather than your own. But now you look at them – the ones who point their fingers at you and put you down – and realise that their fear is not yours and if it were your fear, you now have the tools to quickly turn them around by thanking them and sending them off in love as they’re not helping in achieving your higher purpose.
And just like that.
As if by magic.
You’re coming full circle and all the things that kept you hidden and small, are now the foundation for who you’re becoming and are about to become.
And really, all because you made that decision – for whatever reason – in the TODDLER phase, to step into your own business of self-employment.
And ‘see where it would lead you’.
In this phase, you’re expanding more on your multi-passionate self.
You’re integrating everything that is you – your talents, gifts and vocation.
In fact, you’re expanding your knowledge of your vocation and starting to make it your own – rather than implementing someone else’s system – you’re creating your own.
You’re starting to become the original you were born to be.
The Vision for your business is almost clear, there are still a few things missing – like little loopholes. But you’re being introduced to so many incredible avenues and people, who are helping you to find your answers, all the whilst staying on track and in your lane because now you have a Purpose for your life and business.
You’re not so scared to take the journey.
Instead, you’re here to inspire and transform others’ journeys through your wisdom, creativity and passion.
soul'd out by sashka hanna-rappl you guide to finding your life purpose


The biggest change you’ll notice when you’ve outgrown your business phase is that you’ll have a communication gap between you and your client. Also, you as a Game Changer Visionary will have grown immensely spiritually and emotionally. This discrepancy will show in your level of engagement and life-force in your business.
You’ll be communicating same-same content and messages but it’s like your clients just can’t hear you.
Well, let’s first start by saying that it’s not the end-of-the-world!
Recognise that you’re OK and just transitioning from one phase to another and that there are some awesome new grounds to expand to.
However, what most entrepreneurs do, is delve into tackling their marketing and advertising – which IS the place to work on BUT, as I mentioned with the coin, we need to work on finding the root cause rather than working immediately on the problem and putting out fires.
By working on the root cause first, we’re able to easily and effortlessly adjust or create a space for you to work from where your true Audience (clients) will be able to HEAR and SEE you.
Without you pushing and doing.
Remember, it’s always about flipping the coin and seeing TWO sides to the story.
And the story here is that you’ve outgrown your business and in the process aren’t able to communicate with your true Audience or rather they can’t hear you.
So let’s bridge the gap between your communication and your true Audience, shall we?
In order to assist you, I’ve set up space for you to explore and delve into flipping that coin and finding some answers.

Contact me here.

In addition, I’ve created an audio training for you to discover your brand message.
You can read more about Business vs Mindset Growth here.

Leave me your comments / insights / opinions below – I would LOVE to hear from you. 

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