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This is for Women Entrepreneurs who are on fire and ready to go from Unknown to Unforgettable!

It’s designed to give you the foundation for a successful business that not only creates revenue but FILLS YOUR SOUL.

In this FREE 5 Day Challenge you will:

Plan your successful business with my ‘Soul Business Plan’ covering:
how to manage your finances,
business strategy,
brand & marketing strategy.

Discover how to use your life purpose in your entire marketing strategy to create an UNFORGETTABLE brand presence.

Note: The training content used is all my own methodology and original.

You are a leader.
You were BORN to influence the world.
Deep in your soul, you feel it.

Join me for this exclusive free 5-day training and let’s plan your success in business!

WHO is this WILD Woman?

I’m Sashka Hanna-Rappl and I’m the leading international brand and business (performing) strategist for Creative Visionaries.

I live and breathe your stories and your vision.
I bathe in your dreams of success.

And I see the pieces that make up the BIG picture that you can’t yet see.

Because I know you.

I know how you were told to sit down and not be “so loud”.

I know how you were told that your dreams were “too big”.

And that you are too much.

So you play small, safe, and hidden away from your spotlight and your mic. For THEIR sakes.

I’m here to tell you that’s not you, baby. That’s not you at all.

You ARE big and loud and boisterous. And you are EVERYTHING they couldn’t be, so they made sure they stayed safe from your bigness.

Let all of that go.

This is your time to LIVE and LOVE from the DEPTHS of your soul and your soul’s greatest purpose for coming here in the first place.

This is your time to BASK in the glory that has had your name on it since you were born.

sashka hanna-rappl

Five Days to go from stuck to breakthrough clarity.

Join today.

Disclaimer: My method is my own. It’s not regurgitated from anywhere. And it will pick at you to do the work. So…that said, let’s get dirty, baby!

(Seriously, do it! Terms and Conditions apply aka do the work = RESULTS!)

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