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Brand Your Soul® Development

This is what you can expect when purchasing the exclusive Brand Your Soul® development from BrandSashka – A 6-8 Week Design and Development Phase.

This the BIG one! Creating your Brand-Branding-Branding Guide-Logo-customised social media templates for Canva (or similar)-colours and typography.

In Week 1: After meeting via Skype or Zoom to discuss what it is you REALLY want (your deepest desires), we’ll focus a bit on your Vision. Shortly afterwards, I’ll send you my 6-step process to dive right into. During this process, I’ll be in contact with you via email or messenger to ensure that you’re on track and that things are taking its course.

In Week 3: You’ll be absorbed in the 6-step process for about 1-2 weeks. Once I’ve received your answers from the 6-step Process, I’ll start analysing and putting what you’ve written into a format which we’ll be using as the foundation for your Brand Development. During this time we’ll be meeting on Skype or Zoom and Messenger, with questions I’ll have. I’ll run my first ideas past you, and we’ll start brainstorming on WHO YOU ARE. The CORE MESSAGE of Branding your soul®. During this time I’ll ask you to create a compilation of everything that you love in terms of colours, visuals, lifestyle, entertainment and more.

In Week 4: Now we’ll start putting the compilation of WHO YOU ARE (your Life Purpose) into something tangible such as your Branding and Marketing. My team and I will now start working on your Logo design. You get a few different options to the design to see which direction is working for you. Should you not like any of the designs, we’ll go back to the drawing board again and again until we find what it is your soul is needing to create. However, this process hardly ever takes so long, due to the ground work done with narrowing down your Soul Purpose prior to the creative work. Once you’ve approved your logo design, we move onto the colours, the fonts and the customised visual direction.

Once you approve of this, we finalise your Branding Guide which includes your Brand Elements: Tonality, Core Values, Colours, Fonts, Logo formats, Tagline (if necessary) and Messaging.

Should you work with Canva Work, my team and I offer the service of adding your Branding elements to the platform for you to use when creating your social media templates.

In Week 5/6: You’re ready to launch into the world with your Brand Your Soul® Development which you can now use to stand out from the crowd. Should you want to take this a step further, to really use your Branding Development effectively, we suggest adding on the Soul Brand Marketing® and Soul Website® Development to ensure a complete Brand Development experience.

Investment: €3.275 (incl. VAT) and available with 2x installments

Some of BrandSashka’s work


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