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Brand Management

One of the most common hiccups for any entrepreneur is being a solo-one. Doing it all on your lonesome!
At some stage you step up and make the decision to hire someone as a team member to help you get your business in-tact so that you can do your thing and bring in more money. Rather than focusing on the organisation of your business.

At BrandSashka, we offer you a very comprehensive package for managing your brand on-and-offline.

This includes

  1. Project Management
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Website Management
  4. Strategy Management
  5. Media Management
  6. Email Marketing Management

Pricing depends on what you require for your business on where you are now. You may not require all-of-the-above and only a few things which is why the first step is to hop on a call and satisfy our curiosity with one another. Then we can go from there and decide on what is necessary for your business and brand.

Schedule a chat and let’s meet!

Some of BrandSashka’s work


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