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Is a Logo really that important?

Yes it’s important for Brand recognition and awareness and for validating your price points.

BUT… the thing is THIS: If you’re a new or relatively young service-based business, there is no need to create a logo immediately. WHY?

Because your business and brand aren’t ready for a logo. You need to concentrate on getting your brands’ Message and Positioning “out there” and ensuring that you’re being HEARD and SEEN. Ensure that you’re making your market aware of your community and environment – by sharing your Promise – Values & Beliefs and Identity. Aaaand: Creating a solid Brand Marketing Plan with value-added CONTENT!

If you’re a product-based business… you seriously need to research your market-competitors and product BEFORE creating ANY Branding – including a Logo. A product-based business holds many more implications as opposed to a service-based business. You’re looking at Copyrights, Legal Policies, Environmental laws, Consumer rights…the list goes on…and in today’s super-connected social media world, it’s imperative to have your Branding created by professionals who know their shit and ensure that you’re not getting a replica of someone elses’ brand somewhere else in the world. Although it cannot always be avoided a professional definitely researches this.

So … what do you do if you’re a young service-based business who wants a brand? Well, for the beginning stages I recommend using neutral colors like black and white (or similar) with a pop color (just one or two bright colors) to use as accents in your advertising.
Logo’s represent your Soul – represent YOU, and if you’re not 100% sure in YOU and what your WHY in business is and where you want your business to go, then creating a Logo for a directionless business isn’t recommended.

What are the Vitals for Branding and Marketing?
  1. Name (check Copyright) read more here.
  2. Brand Marketing Plan: Knowing who your SOUL client is, your market, your competitors, your positioning and message, your Promise-Identity and Values & Beliefs, your Price point and Distribution strategy. Your incredible Advertising plan. In addition to this; Your Team (Organization), Your Communications strategy, PR, Research & Development, Education (further studies and hiring of coaches) and more. [thrive_2step id=’22667′]Download your free Roadmap & Checklist here[/thrive_2step]
  3. Brand Guide (Kit) including your logo, typography, colors and customized visual direction
  4. Social Media “handles” – your business brands’ name that is the same throughout all social media platforms
  5. A website including a blog with SEO (narrow down your keywords)
  6. Really good and targeted copywriting towards your Soul client
  7. Mindset Coach
  8. Brand Marketing Mentor / Strategist (If we’re a fit then BrandSashka for example)
  9. VA (Virtual Assistant) to free up some time for you to ensure that you’re working on what you do best and none of the admin stuff
  10. Consumer Behaviourism: How do consumers buy and when do they buy and make a decision?
  11. Trends
  12. Evaluation
  13. Further education: where you INVEST in yourself and your business for personal and business growth
  14. A strong Brand Marketing foundation that you are 100% backing up and have no shadow of doubt about
  15. Content Marketing Strategy (what blogs to write about, what to re-purpose for social media platforms, which social media platform to dominate with which thought leadership topic)
  16. Alter-ego
  17. Download a free PDF of what your Branding needs here.
Why is Brand Consistency so difficult to achieve?
consistency (source: Google)
– the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.

We all find it difficult to be consistent. Be it for your health, fitness, business, social life…whatever… Consistency requires discipline. And when we are consistent, it literally means that we’ve been able to discipline a habit that will benefit you and has become a part of your lifestyle.

So in order for you to become consistent with your Brand communication and marketing, ensure that you’re being disciplined in marketing everyday.
And if you’re not consistent in doing this, then hire help – like a VA (Virtual Assistant) to assist in your Brand Consistency.
Why bother with Brand Consistency?
Because that is how you’re able to create Brand Recognition. The more your brand is seen, the more your brand will be recognized.

What should you be consistent with?

  1. Message (This is your business + life WHY = Message… this is what differentiates you from the masses)
  2. Positioning (Are you going to position yourself as the Thought Leader or Follower? How you communicate your messaging and Brand discerns how this will be perceived and accepted)
  3. Branding (Logo, colors, typography, visuals)
  4. Tonality (Avoid speaking in one tone and marketing in another – be true to your Brand and you – people buy from people not products)
  5. Marketing (Where you distribute your products and/or services, your advertising signature, the models you use, the visuals you use, the pricing strategy)
Why is Brand Marketing so important for my business?

Every single activity in our lives requires some form of discipline, structure or “strategy”.
Be it for your health, fitness, spiritual or educational levels.
Think about it: Say you want to get your body strong and fit. What forms of discipline, structure or strategies could help you?
Things like: Success stories, testimonials, choosing a fitness type that you like for example: Dancing or CrossFit or Yoga?
And once you’ve chosen something you stick to it. This is your “strategy” to get fit and strong.

The same applies for your business and brand. “Brand Marketing” is the strategy that you need to create and market an unforgettable Soul Brand.
Without your strategy, you’re planning to fail, as you’ve failed to plan.
The more structure you have created for your business and brand, the more room you allow for Inspired Action, Spiritual Brand Marketing and Heart-centred Business.
The less structure you have, the more you’ll have of worrying, grappling for clients, giving up more often, resorting to anything to try and get something.

It’s really simple to do. The choice however is yours 🙂

Is there such a thing as Brand Clarity?

100% YES!!!!!
When you know who your Soul Client is, what products and/or services to serve your Soul Clients with and at what price and where to distribute, you will be able to create a Content Marketing strategy and keep putting content out into the market that will give your Soul Clients added value daily. Making you the go-to-expert and though leader in your market.

What should I be looking out for when creating my Brand?
  1. Your Purpose (Soul, Career and Life Purpose)
  2. Getting your Mindset 100% right
  3. Creating your Brand Marketing Plan =>> Content Marketing Strategy
  4. Hire a really good VA (Virtual Assistant) to help you with the running of your Content Marketing

And whilst doing all of this…ensuring that you’re also having FUN! Seriously, you started your own company because you wanted to have freedom and fun. Remember to make this come true 🙂

What is a Soul Brand?

The eyes are the window to the soul. Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes for a long time? If you have, you’ll know that you’ll be able to receive so much information. You’re connecting soul-to-soul. And this is what BrandSashka does: Connect with your Soul and draw out your Soul’s Plan for your Brand.
A Soul Brand is also a brand that is a heart-centred business that executes Spiritual Brand Marketing – which is putting Purpose over Profit.

What is a Soul Client?

Remember that party or event that you were at a few days or weeks or months ago, where you met an AH-MAZING person? And you just “connected”? Like you’d known each other for years?!
Well this type of person is your Soul Client. Your souls share a pact made a long time ago to connect.
Often, it works out that purchasing of products and/or services aren’t always “one-way” but a two-way-street, in that both parties are wanting or needing something from each other.
Soul clients connect on so many levels and not just “monetary”.

Ready to meet your Soul Client? Join here.

Why do I need a ``target`` audience and market?

Your product and/or service needs a target audience and market in order for it to be sold.
Selling to just anyone or everyone or anything is highly unlikely to get you any sales, continuously over the long-term.

Without a target audience and market, there is no chance that your product and/service will be sold, earning you money.

Your audience and market also serve you in your advertising. The more you know about your audience and market the easier it is for you to market to them using Demo- and Psychographics.
Ready to meet your target audience and market? Join here.

Should I really invest in a Website?

I am not going to lie to you, a Website is so important for your on- and offline business.
Anyone who is everyone is searching online. And if you’re not online, then how are they to find you?
Many ask: How are they to find me – period?! Especially if I’m not a big-shot company with a gazillion Buckaroo’s set aside for Advertising.
In answer to this: You’re just one lucky bugger for being in this day-and-age and promoting your business and brand. Seriously…back in the “old” days, there was no such thing as “social media” or the “internet”. Businesses had to physically, door-to-door SELL their products and/or services. Many had Managers promoting them.

If you’re as good as what you BELIEVE, and you offer shit-hot products and/or services that the world NEEDS and WANTS, then you are guaranteed to be noticed. Crank up your ambition and tenacity a bit 😉 You’ve got this 🙂

Is a Brand a long-or short-term thing?

100% LONG-TERM!!!

Creating and Marketing an unforgettable Soul Brand is definitely not going to happen overnight.

What is the best way to promote my Brand?

By being VISIBLE. Full-stop.

Ever heard of that saying: Out-of-sight-out-of-mind?
Yup … the more your Soul Client doesn’t see you, the less you’ll be noticed and remembered.

Promotion comes in all shapes and sizes. The “best” type is that which works for you and where your Soul Client is hanging out.
– Magazines (on-and offline)
– Social Media
– Events (your own or hosted by others)
– Friends and Family (word-of-mouth)
– Videos (YouTube)
– Podcasts
– Your Website + Blog + Guest Blogging

Is blogging really that important?


Blogging allows the space for you to BE the thought-leader that you’re aiming to being.
Just writing about random thoughts without any added value won’t bring you any long-term following.
And no-one is really born “anything” in life, whether a designer, writer, creator or visionary… our chosen purpose has already happened and we’re choosing to either embrace it or ignore it.
No-one is born with a pen in their hands or a sketch book of a gazillion designer outfits. All these things are learned over time and through various events over one’s lifetime. The “trick” lies in the choices we make to embrace or disgrace. It’s all up to you.

And Blogging gives you an online voice through words and video. How friggin’ cool is that?
My favourite Bloggers include Henneke Duistermaat and Sarah Arrow.

Should I copyright my Brand?

Well that really depends on a) your budget and b) how big you want to grow your empire?
If you’re thinking of going international all-the-way, then ensure that your brand is copyrighted, especially if your business is product-based.

Your best source of information is through a Trademark lawyer or even local Copyright (government) offices.

Do I really need a Tagline for my Brand?

A Tagline in my opinion is not necessary to include IN your logo creation. Nor is it totally necessary to use in your advertising. However, it is important that it’s communicated as a whole in your visual communication and copyrighting. Read more here.

What's the difference between a product or service-based brand?

A product-based business sells tangible products. For example Apple, Microsoft, Starbucks, Audi and so on.

A service-based business sells intangible products. For example Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Louise Hay, Mike Dooley, The A-Fest or Advertising Agencies.

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