I know it hasn’t been easy
to master this business and brand building “thing” …

But it will be.

Welcome to Brand Mastery, the premiere brand-building retreat of 2019.

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A five-day retreat where you will walk away with the tools to create and market your soul brand.
Without feeling like you sold your soul to do it.

YOUR brand. Built from within.
Overcome the “hard part” of what you’ve been fighting within your business.

It’s time for ease.

You’ve put in the hours of busy-ness.
But the result is a less than YOU brand that doesn’t speak to people, that’s forced and feels heavy to market, and doesn’t flaunt who you really are, deep down.

First, you’ll spend 3 days with Sashka and:

Master the ins and outs of how REAL businesses are run and brands are built (brands like Swarovski, Harrods, Apple – legendary brands – the kind you want to become)

Experience the process that she has so lovingly built around Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing®, so you can go back and replicate some of the most successful marketing tactics, used by high calibre brands on the market today, in your own business

Learn how to create content that comes easily, naturally and from within, so that attracting your soul clients is something that happens without force or pushy sales strategies that don’t fit you or your brand.

Learn how to create and implement strategic, fun and soulful advertising campaigns that work FOR your brand building, having your soul clients wanting to know more and knocking on your door. 


Why, indeed? Because I know your soul. Because I KNOW what you’ve been through. Because I KNOW that where you are is not where you want to be.

For years now, I’ve been working with celebrities, athletes, elite performers and more to help them build the brands that speak to their souls.

And I can do that because I was just like you and them, I knew there was more. I knew that I sitting down and being quiet wasn’t all there is.

That’s why I created and founded the Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing® programs and I wrote Soul’d Out: Your Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose.

I’m also a Brand, Business, Consumer-Behaviour and Marketing Strategist and Leadership Accelerator – Art Director and Creative Strategist…so, yeah, I wear a lot of hats.

And I want you to come with us for these 5 days to the Tyrolean Alps and feel what it feels like to be surrounded by grace, beauty, and the MAJESTY of the mountains because they really bring an air of transformation to the work we’ll do.

It’s TIME to make history.

It’s TIME to start building a brand that influences generations and TIME you fall in love with your soul brand.

And then once you’ve released and are ready to stand in your strongest light, we have the famous and infamous presenter coach, Andrew Eggelton, to walk you through telling your story, communicating your brand, and creating content from your soul.

You’ll spend a day with one of Hollywood’s leading presenter coaches who’s had the pleasure of working with names like Ryan Gosling and Michael J Fox), so you can:

Own and walk in your highest confidence when you’re on camera/stage so that people feel and resonate with your mission and want to be a part of it

Bring your specific brand of charisma to your stage (whether that stage is your content, your social, or an actual stage!) so you can move people to action for your brand

Work through the nerves that plague so many and keep them from shining their true souls on stage

This retreat is for you if:

You’re ready to be seen for the extraordinary person that you are.

You’re ready to create a BRAND that stands out from everyone else that oozes your individuality.

You’re ready to build a brand that influences generations and set your OWN rules on your OWN terms.


Tyrolean Alps
4* Luxury Hotel – Panorama Royal Hotel

We’ll spend these five days, tucked away somewhere in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria. Surrounded by nature and energy that supports the changes we need to make during these 5 days.
All drinks, snacks and lunch are included.
Accommodation is separate (as well as evening activities which are always optional).

Sure. You can totally blow this off. You can totally ignore that whisper in your soul to do this and go back to hoping and praying following someone else’s rules is going to get you the results you need your business to get.

You can decide that you’ve had enough pfaffing around and that you want to create a change in you that is permanent and perfect for creating the brand that your soul NEEDS you to create.

  • Early Bird

  • 2000 /one-off
    • Includes FIVE days with lunch and afternoon snacks
    • Tea/Coffee/Water
    • Workbook
    • Payment Plan available. 3x Payments of €670 incl. VAT
    • And most important! RESULTS!!!
  • Early Bird + Bring a Friend!

  • 3400 /one-off
    • Bring a friend and they pay 30% off the early bird price
    • Includes FIVE days with lunch and afternoon snacks
    • Tea/Coffee/Water
    • Workbook
    • Payment Plan available. 3x Payments of €1.200 excl. VAT
    • And RESULTS!!!


Wednesday – Friday
Soul Brand Marketing® with Sashka Hanna-Rappl

– Understand brand vs. business so you can work to build something that influences entire generations, not just something that makes you money

– Why build a brand? So you can understand why choosing to build a brand, rather than simply a business, pays off in spades, gets you known faster, and what that means for your legacy

– Build a brand around your life purpose vs. your profession

Because THAT is where the EASE is

– Create your brand message, vision, mission
And have everything you do from this day forward is centred around a mission that practically creates your content for you

– Are you really working with and for the right people?
Because when you know the right who, this rolls another level of ease into your system

– Is your market on point?
Understand what your right people, your soul clients, need to see from you, in order to rally around your brand flag (this isn’t your ‘usual’ avatar stuff but my own methodology).

– Is your offer on point?
And how to hone it so that you become IRRESISTIBLE to them

– Are you selling below your worth?
Because this reflects, not only on you but on how your brand is perceived by your right people

– Consumer Psychology and Behaviourism
Understand how they think and act around buying, giving you the knowledge you need to make marketing decisions that will help them say yes to your offers

Andrew Eggelton

Powerful, earth-moving content needs powerful, earth-moving presence and presentation and you’re going to learn the secrets of the trade from former TV industry coach, Andrew Eggelton.

He will teach you how to show up with a fierceness that is felt all the way to the core of your brand.

What’s holding you back in being the world-class presenter with a strong brand and strong being? Because a strong presence cannot be ignored.

How can you step into your world class presenter status? And show them that you are the real deal in your industry.

What content can you call out from your higher self to step into your signature talk? And learn how to deliver it like a seasoned professional.





Because when you build a brand from YOU, you have the ability to impact millions with your talents and skills.

Not in JUNE! It’ll be GLORIOUS!

Absolutely! No worries!

Why the heck not? It’s a proven phenomenon that being in nature improves your concentration and your groundedness, which means you’ll be more receptive to creating and implementing all strategies and work done over the five days. And a “retreat” gives you time to wind down too – yes, please!

Do you really?! Because if you’ve gotten this far on the page you’re still running a business and haven’t created a brand. 


I’m Sashka Hanna-Rappl,

A sought-after International Spiritual Brand Marketing Strategist, Creator or Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing® and Founder of my full-service Brand Marketing Agency BRANDSASHKA. I specialise in taking you from business overwhelm, not knowing how or where to start, and showing you step-by-step how to achieve short-term successes over the long-term by going from No Name to Brand Leadership. I work solely with Rebels, Misfits, Free-Spirits and Visionaries in the Lifestyle market and unleash your brands’ true soul potential starting from the inside out. And the Author of “Soul’d Out! Your Guide To Finding Your Life Purpose”.

On a personal note: I’m a momma to three kids, wife to one husband and slave to one cat. I’m an actress, singer and dancer and dance fitness instructor. A lover of coffee, good food and company, scrabble, wine and nature. My spirit animal is an African elephant and Bengal Tiger. I love travelling but also am a home-body and the comfort of just being home. My favourite past-time? Laughing till my tummy hurts!

Andrew is an Internationally renowned Presenting Coach who loves helping Presenters become a true expression of their authentic selves.

This allows them to feel truly connected to their audience, in what becomes an effortless and powerful, personal experience for both Presenter and audience.

Andrew can call on 25 years of experience in front of and behind the camera, working with names such as Ryan Gosling and Michael J Fox and has picked up numerous Awards. He now travels the world all year round, speaking on stage and coaching those who wish to take themselves and their personal message to the world to empower others and leave their own legacy.




This retreat will ensure that you won’t be feeling small when needing to break through the ceiling that’s been blocking the gap between you and your Brand Leadership. 

You’ll walk away with the tools on HOW to come up with CREATIVE + FUN + IMAGINATIVE Marketing Campaign ideas to create BRAND AWARENESS (noise) which positions your Brand in your market, carving the space to become the Brand Leader in your niche. AND create your Business Organisation which will ensure that you’re not playing small DESPITE running a Small Business.

You’ll have the confidence to stand on any stage and in front of anything or one knowing exactly what you want and need to talk about to position your Brand and Message in your niche.




Before I met Andrew and started his mentoring program, I was terrified of the thought of doing Lives on social media and presenting in front of groups! I remember it only being a few weeks into Andrew’s program and I could barely recognise myself – I couldn’t believe how far I’d come in such a short period of time!! Now I approach lives with confidence, don’t over think them and actually get a bit of a rush doing them because they are so rewarding. I am now also scheduling group presentations and look forward to where my business is now heading – growing faster than I can keep up! Thank You, Andrew xx

Debbie Forsyth

Business Owner

I completed the Presenters Journey 8 week Mentorship with Andrew. During this time I pushed through some of my limiting beliefs and gained a new found confidence and clarity in front of the camera. Andrew has a way of gently coaxing you out of your comfort zone little by little. I would look back over a few weeks and think fuck look how far I have come! To quote Andrew himself, you are constantly creating a new normal. Andrew has a warmth, generosity, and authenticity about him. I really felt he cared and was invested in my success over the mentorship. While the course was focused on presenting, I found the benefits I gained from facing my fears spilled over into other areas, and my job and personal lives also got a great boost. Andrew has a holistic approach to presenting which is so fucking refreshing! I would highly recommend this journey to anyone wishing to gain confidence, clarity and the ability to have fun behind the camera and who knows what else you may gain from taking this journey.

Axel Rayne

Yoga Rock Star

One of the biggest challenges we can experience when there is camera in front of us is being natural and not shaking like a leaf as we feel like the world is judging us on how badly we may or may not perform while sharing our story. Another challenge is remembering what to share as our nerves seem to block any memory of any form of script that may have been there before that dreaded camera showed up. Without any doubt, with all the support I provided as I guide others to create amazing videos as part of the iLAB program for entrepreneurs, all this has now turned from a challenge to absolute fun through the guidance and coaching from Andrew Eagleton. His style and ability to coach even those that I questioned would stand up and deliver from their heart, is beyond extraordinary. There is not one person that cannot be a shinning star while delivering once they have been through Andrew’s coaching and training. I cannot brag about him enough as he has certainly made my life easier as a Global Lead Facilitator of one of the Worlds top entrepreneurial programs. You rock Andrew Eggelton!

Terri Billington

iLAB Global Lead Facilitator



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