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How to get featured in top magazines when you’re not a ‘PR Person’

How to get featured in top magazines when you’re not a ‘PR Person’

Getting your business in front of more of your people is a key part of every entrepreneurs’ journey.

You’ve likely heard that getting featured in top blogs and magazines is a fantastic way to skyrocket your business and boost your following.

You want to give it a go…

But you’ve NO IDEA where to start.

And honestly, you probably have that niggling voice in the back of your head saying ‘who’d want to feature MY story anyway?!’

When you’re just starting out, the world of PR can seem not dissimilar to a secret society, full of handshakes and winks and whispers.

You have to be in the know to get into the top publications, right?

Wrong! I know for a fact this isn’t the case, because I’ve done it for myself. When I was just starting out in PR I didn’t have a fancy book of contacts and a degree in the subject. I taught myself everything there was to know, tried numerous tactics and found a system that WORKS. My clients have been featured in everything for international news sites like Bloomberg Business, to local papers and glossy magazines.

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5 steps to get fantastic publicity for your business.

Now I’m not telling you this to blow my own trumpet, but rather to prove that with the right systems and support in place, it’s totally possible for you to get some fantastic publicity for YOUR business too. I’ve made it my mission to shine a light on PR and below I share my top tips so you can get started too!


Think about which publications your target audience are actually likely to read. Then read them! Before you even think about contacting an editor to pitch your article, you need to make sure you are super clear about the kind of stories they write about. That way, you can tailor your pitch accordingly and increase your chances of coverage ten-fold. Make sure you send personal pitch emails too – no one appreciates being blanket bombed with generic press releases!


Put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Think about what they are going to find interesting. For every idea for a pitch that you have, ask yourself ‘so what?’ Is it relevant to the reader? Will they be affected and ultimately care? Add as much value as you possibly can, and you are far more likely to get featured.


Jot down some ideas for ‘hooks’. A hook is something which will get the journalists attention, and make them want to feature your story. Perhaps your business started from an unusual background, or you are doing something ground breaking. Ask yourself how many people are affected by what you have to say. It’s no good sending a piece of fluff which is basically just promoting your new service. Journalists are looking for stories which are genuinely news-worthy, inspirational and interesting.


Editors get literally hundreds of pitches every day, so you need to make yours stand out from the crowd. Include a catchy headline (but nothing too tacky!) and give them everything they’ll possibly need. It’s a great idea to have a media pack ready to go, with high-res images, your professional bio, your business details and a few fabulous case studies.


Research the lead-times for each publication before you contact them. The lead-time is the date by which you have to submit articles, and will depend on the amount of time in advance they start to plan what will appear in each issue. This is done at editorial meetings. Monthly magazines work anything from 2 months to 6 months in advance. Weekly magazines & blogs will be a month or so, and daily papers & blogs will have the shortest lead time – if it’s something of major significance they may accept it the day before. If you’re planning an event, let journalists know at least 2 weeks in advance. Contact the editorial team who will be more than happy to supply their deadlines for article ideas.

So now you know the basics, it’s time to prepare your pitch. Many entrepreneurs get stuck on this part, but remember editors are people too and they are just looking for fantastic content. If you’ve made their life easy, and show that you actually care about their readers, then you’re far more likely to garner their respect so they come back to you again and again.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare that pitch and get cracking!


Rebecca Miller works with inspiring entrepreneurs to help them grow their business through soulful marketing and creative PR. She founded her business, Write & Reach, in 2013, and has created The Publicity Programme ™ where she shows entrepreneurs step-by-step how to make their business famous and get featured in top magazines and blogs.


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