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About BrandSashka

Founder of Soul Brand Marketing(c)

Sashka Hanna-Rappl

Should you meet me offline, you’d be getting one of my super bear hugs right now. I give one helluva mean hug, and I really embrace you and your awesomeness. I would then look you straight into your eyes and appreciate you, for your being here and living your purpose. I would then appreciate your presence and hang onto every word you say.
Because that’s the way I am. When I’m with you, I’m with you, I’m present.
Being an Empath, I also pick up on your energy and your spiritual BE-ING and I connect with you on a Soul level. Irrespective of your race, colour, height, gender, sexual preference, business or whatever.
I see YOU.

Wanna chat? I’m old school with my scheduling…so drop me an email here or ping me on Facebook Messenger here.

But because we’re meeting online, I’m not able to embrace or hug or look you into your Soul. Instead, I’m sharing with you these black and white words, which I hope will bring you closer to my soul to get to know me: I’m a multi-talented entertainer like Jennifer Lopez (I sing, dance and act), I’m a philosopher like Robin Sharma or Mo Gawdat, I’m a wise forgiver like Nelson Mandela. I’m a mom to three soul-seeking cherubs who chose me because I’m perfect for them. I’m a wife to one husband with a lot of up’s and down’s but always growing together. My nickname is butterfly and diamond. Butterfly, because I cannot stay in one place at a time, diamond because I always push through the rough before exposing the diamond.
My elements are water and earth. I love the smell of just mowed lawn and rain falling on the hot earth. My spirit animals are the African Elephant and the Bengal Tiger. I don’t like birds, except the owl and eagle. I’m at ease when I’m high up on a mountain. I need the sun to revive my soul. I only cry when my soul purpose is recognised in a movie or I’m not fulfilling it.
I am loved. I am lazy. I’m ambitious and tenacious and I never accept a ‘that’s not possible’ until it’s done.
I love travelling, meeting people, eating gorgeous food and being filled up with life and love.
I’m happiest when there aren’t any expectations.

Being an Entrepreneur is tiring. And there are many nights where I just want to give up. Give up finding clients, networking and being visible. I want to throw in the towel and just do nothing and sulk and feel sorry for myself. I want to fall into a heap and cry myself to sleep. And if this is needed, then I do it, no questions asked.
Why? Because nothing can exist in its entirety in just being happy or successful. I need the dark side too. The side of failure, despair, feeling like utter shit. I need all of this to feel ‘whole’. And because I have MY SOUL PURPOSE to fulfil. This is what gives my life meaning. Because let’s be honest, life is meaningless until we give it meaning. And my meaning is my purpose: To re-empower your UnderGOD and raise Soul Leaders.
So if things look hunkey-dorey from the outside, remember there’s also my dark side, and this is good! Because it shapes and forms me into the success that I am today – both a mom, wife, entrepreneur and soul.


Art Director Extrodinaire

Yvette Terblanche

I’m addicted to Coke Zero, or anything with carbs actually. I only recently jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon, very late I know! I’m currently devouring the third book. I secretly believe in Astrology, and according to a Numerologist I met in Cambodia I will retire quite early in life, which is nice. I love drawing, although I don’t do it nearly enough. I love all things beautiful especially decorative rugs and pillows which are currently sprawled all around my house, I am in constant fear of drowning in pillows while sleeping! I suffer from horrible allergies, but never take medication. My struggle is real.

Brand Design Director

Hendra van Niekerk

I am a wife, mom of 3 and a natural born uplifter. I’m often called inspiring, a great friend, and mentor. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, anything the masses do, I do something else. Creating my own wonderful world I thrive in. If I was an animal I would be a horse. Running over the hills and valleys of the South African landscape with my herd of close friends. I love open spaces, looking into the distance.

My mornings consist of light exercise, bulletproof coffee and supporting my 3 amazing kids with their home-school journey. I love having them around me all the time.

I spend the rest of my day working on really fun and exciting graphic design work. I enjoy the experience of taking an idea and making it into something amazing while listening to Alan Watts and Abraham Hicks and my favourite music to listen to are Chillstep and some Indie Pop.

No Name Brand PODCAST Coordinator

Naomi Hanna

I’m a Mother of two beautiful daughters and 5 gorgeous grandchildren. Devoted wife to my hubby of 40 years!
I make Jewelry with Swarovski Crystal Elements. I was born in South Africa and have lived here all my life.
I put God first in my life. My happy place is the African bush. Of late, I’ve also discovered how much I enjoy research on the internet. It’s a challenge and very time-consuming. Oh, and I LOVE typing. Occasionally I get requests to do Transcriptions.
I absolutely enjoy having people around me. I love doing long trips with me driving, of course.
Not many people know this about me, but my real name is Magrieta. When the internet started years ago, and you’re asked to give a Nickname or such for a site, I decided on the name Naomi and that is my actual 2nd name and so I’m now called by that name.