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Saaaay whaaat, Sashka!?!?
Yep, you’re a visionary: you are multi-passionate, have an influx of creative ideas, want to make the world shine, you have energy that lights up a thousand rooms, you’re phenomenal.


And yet, your BIG Vision never reaches its potential. Call it limiting beliefs, hitting a ceiling or even mindset. Fact is this; whatever you’re doing now to quantum leap to your big vision feels like you’re treading in quicksand. And you want it to stop. You want to get out of the rut of ‘normal’, you want to stop ‘doing what everyone else’ is doing. You just want things to move forward YOUR way. 


Hi there!

My name is Sashka – And I BRAND YOUR SOUL.

What is it I do? I’m a Brand and Business Strategist that shows Creative Visionaries how to go from no-name to brand leader YOUR way. No templates, no mindset, no cookie-cutter-whatever. 
How do I do this? I create your brand from the inside-out. You see, no business or brand can survive without 100% knowing, without a shadow of doubt WHO you’re serving and WHY. I have served the elite, the underdogs, the start-ups and the famous, and all are held back with this one thing: 

They focus on their profession rather than their life purpose. The one is not the other. We are conditioned to believe that who we are is our profession – our identity – but we’re not. Ask yourself this: If anything happened to you today in the profession that you’re doing now, what would you then do? What would get you out of bed and motivate you to LIVE ON PURPOSE? Knowing your life purpose enables you to know WHO you’re serving and WHY. Everything else is the skills learned to amplify that life purpose. 

At BrandSashka, first we work on your life purpose, then I apply this to create your logo, customised branded visuals, website design and development and marketing communications strategy. I cut out the BS and focus on you. 

Soooooo ...

How do I focus on YOU?

Well, I know you. Like really really know you. And because of this, I am able to meet you exactly where you are in your business and BIG Vision to become a brand that influences generations.

BrandSashka’s Portfolio

Exquisite! I want to work with you!

Did You Know?

I wrote a book + Workbook.

I didn’t intend to write this book but then it happened and before I knew it, I landed up helping hundreds of entrepreneurs learn: How to build their brand on their LIFE PURPOSE rather than their Product and/or Service.
Why is this such a big deal?
Well for one, as a Creative Visionary, you do NOT have ONE interest, you’re multi-passionate with MANY talents and gifts. So when you’re told to focus on ONE thing for your brand, you get flabbergasted because you’re limiting yourself and your potential. But when you fuse your Life Purpose with your Product and/or Service, suddenly your Brand Message becomes clearer, bolder and gives you the Brand Authority that you’ve been seeking for EONS!


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Soooooo ...

Where to from here? 

Oooh I’m glad you asked …
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