🎸 You’re in a life crisis! You feel you’re stagnant in your business, you’re in the motion and it all feels so meh! You want a change without jeopardising what you already have and built up! But how?

🎸 You want to scale your business and brand quickly. Let’s plan and create the action steps for your next quarter. We’d look at the usual steps like what you’ve done, what’s gone well and what hasn’t, then at your future goals. But because we want action and not just written fluff, we need to prioritise your top 3 action steps and milestones to make things happen NOW using what you have with where you are.

🎸 Another option is diving into a specific question or challenge you have.

Past GROWTH HACKING BATTLE PLANS have focused on: messaging (why to build a community, how to build connection & authority with your audience), marketing (building your visibility, notably which platforms to use for YOU, and your social media storytelling content) and money (going over a few of your offers and pricing).

🎸 Or, (and lots of people do this), use it to pick my brain. With over 35+ year experience and success in Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting within luxury brands, bricks and mortar, design, packaging, start-up’s and consumer behaviour – I have an extensive amount of knowledge to assist with your Growth Hacking.

How can I do this so fast?

Because I work on three levels:

1. Business: I have over 35+ years in Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Creative Direction for both service and product-based businesses. That’s a lot of years of experience (!!)

2. Mindset: I am trained and experienced in consumer psychology, communication behaviour, human behaviour, mediation and NLP

3. Mediumship: I am clairaudient and sentient and can see and hear your potential and direction. Some like to have this element mixed into the session (especially those that love a little woo-woo).

All combined I can see the closed doors in the Matrix and help you see it to through my creativity and visual explanations (and no BS humour 😬).

Sound interesting?

Pick your day and time.
Customised and exclusive to where you are now using what you have.

Let’s get this party started, shall we? Clickety-click to claim your spot today!





Visionaries: You’re at crossroads with your business  🙌

Enough of being called a hobby-business. It’s time to get your game on and step into your power as a Visionary Game Changer. You know you’ve got it!


Visionaries who have BIG ideas 🤔

It’s always all these ideas. Should you do this one or that one? During our session we’ll define which idea is the most profitable for you now and that’ll be the most fun too!



Immediately: Once you’ve paid and booked your session  🙌

You’ll be guided to my calendar to choose a time. Once this is confirmed and paid, you’ll be directed to sending me some information for our call so that I’m super prepared to get our session catapulting forward. Then during our session, we’ll work on your business where you are now and creating a customised action-plan to move forward NOW using what you have with where you are.


WHO is this WILD Woman?

Hey there! My name is Sashka, Founder and CEO of BrandSashka and Future Forward Hub Podcast & Events. Together with my brilliant team, I help Creative Visionaries attract their soul audience, build brand authority and get speaking engagements to voice their impactful vision worldwide.

Personally, I’m an EduTainer, Brander, Marketeer, Podcaster, Speaker and University Lecturer. I have been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, Yahoo! Finance, ThriveGlobal and more. I have over 35 years experience (that includes major failures) within Communications, Marketing, Business, Branding, Consumer Psychology and Edutainment.

I know that attracting your soul audience gets lost in the process and systems within your business, natural for business owners and founders, however, with the help of myself and my team, we ensure that beyond the obvious marketing is implemented that attracts your audience to you like bees to pollen!

Your customised strategies include my intellectual property of Brand Your Soul® and Soul Brand Marketing® – you can read more about it in my easy-to-read book called Soul’d Out: Your Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose, which also includes a 50-page workbook.

Born and raised in South Africa, once residing in London (UK), I now live in the Tyrolean Alps with my three children.

sashka hanna-rappl

From stuck to breakthrough and clarity.

Book your session now.

Disclaimer: My method is my own. It’s not regurgitated from anywhere. Terms and conditions apply.

(Seriously, do it! Terms and Conditions apply aka do the work = RESULTS!)

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