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Saaaay whaaat, Sashka!?!?
Yep, you’re a visionary: you are multi-passionate, have an influx of creative ideas, want to make the world shine, you have energy that lights up a thousand rooms, you’re phenomenal.


And yet, your BIG Vision is lost in your SMALLness about yourself.
You’re stuck in your mind, going around in circles with incongruent messages and ideas and you feel you can’t achieve what you want. You feel you’re not ‘big enough’ to be playing with the big players. But your tenacity and grit keeps you moving forward.

I want to know more about BrandSashka


WHY? … 

Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you can step out of that smallness and into your greatness.
When you’re supported by a tribe that believes in you, your belief in you grows stronger and you remember that ANYTHING is possible. Especially when you have a solid brand foundation that brings out the BEST in you.

Hi there!

My name is Sashka – And I BRAND YOUR SOUL.

What is it I do? I’m a Leadership Accelerator and Brand-Marketing-Strategist that shows Visionaries how to turn their I can’t into I can to go from no-name to brand leader using creativity, humour, imagination and wisdom. 
How do I do this? I create your brand from the inside-out. First your life purpose, then I apply this to create your logo, customised branded visuals, website design and development and marketing communications strategy. I cut out the BS and focus on you. 

I‘m the founder of BrandSashka, Creator of Brand Your Soul®, Soul Brand Marketing®, Author of Soul’d Out: Your Guide to finding your life purpose, International Speaker, Podcaster of the No Name Brand Podcast, Business and Branding Strategist, Mommy to three kids, wife to one husband and slave to one dog and cat.

I want to know more about BrandSashka

Soooooo ...

How do I focus on YOU?

Well, I know you. Like really really know you. And because of this, I am able to meet you exactly where you are in your business and BIG Vision, whether you’re a newbie or veteran. Just click on the buttons to take you to the phase you feel you’re in and you’ll see how I can focus just on you. And you’ll see that at first, we walk side-by-side but then gradually I slow down and step aside so that you can step forward and SHINE.


BrandSashka’s Portfolio

Exquisite! I want to work with you!

Did You Know?

I wrote a book + Workbook.

I didn’t intend to write this book but then it happened and before I knew it, I landed up helping hundreds of entrepreneurs learn: How to build their brand on their LIFE PURPOSE rather than their Product and/or Service.
Why is this such a big deal?
Well for one, as a Creative Visionary, you do NOT have ONE interest, you’re multi-passionate with MANY talents and gifts. So when you’re told to focus on ONE thing for your brand, you get flabbergasted because you’re limiting yourself and your potential. But when you fuse your Life Purpose with your Product and/or Service, suddenly your Brand Message becomes clearer, bolder and gives you the Brand Authority that you’ve been seeking for EONS!


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Soooooo ...

Where to from here? 

Oooh I’m glad you asked …
For one head onto my NEWBIE page if you need a Roadmap with Brand Marketing Touchpoints.
Or if you need to do a training on building your Ultimate Brand – DIY, you’ll find that on the NEWBIE page too.

But if you’re a VETERAN and you need to get your shizzle together, then head on over to the VETERAN page, answer a few questions to get you thinking and if you’re ready to go from No Name to Brand Leadership, then head on over to my WORK-WITH-ME page and let’s set up a date to meet and get your Brand seen and heard!

Also, I have a strong community over on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram … so we can connect there too!

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